Wednesday, August 20, 2008

State Fair highlights

Oh the funnel cakes at the west end of the horse barns, the caramel apples in Pioneer Hall, taffy from the Varied Industries building and a big cold pickle right out of the ice water from the general store. I swear that we have rituals at the fair each year and they always involve food.

Did you know that joke is that you can get anything, on a stick a the Iowa State Fair? Pork Chop on a stick, steak, apples, hard boiled eggs, fried cheese and yes even a salad. It's kind of fun to see what there is. Oh I did miss out on the fried Twinkie and fried Snickers, of course, both on a stick. Alec said I walked right past the booth. Have to wait for next year.

I went on the first Saturday of the fair to watch Alec show a few of our ducks at the FFA Poultry Show. Both of us learned a lot. I stayed for the day and Mom and I went to the Rick Springfield concert that night. Yes he's still hot at 50 and I do have photos of him that I have to send to Holly out east. It was fun and would do it again and again.

The next week it was Draft Horse Show!! Again, learned tons, made some great new friends-HI to the Lacrosse's from WI! But the best part was this.........

Still can't believe that is our horse but Glory took the Best in Iowa class at the Clydesdale show. Wee Haaaa! Bragging rights for a year.

Can't wait for the fair to roll around again. Until then, I'm going to practice my rubber chicken throwing so I can enter that contest next year.

Later gators.....


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