Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Darn it, lost my dog, again

At some point in the near future, I would so much like to have a dog of my own to show. Got Eddie for me, nope, kid stole him, finished him and said, my dog. Russ belongs heart and sole to Kim and with 5 short shows, that's all I got. So I sit here admiring my lovely little puppies, trying to decide who to keep, who to show, who to send out to someone else. Seems Alec has decided that he will make the time to show Frank, so hands off. RRRR, well that leaves me with the lovely little girl, Dove. As you can see below, I lost again.

Yes, Ms Lovey Dovey will be co-owned by myself, Mumme's and Meredith, guess who's showing her? Yeap. Squirrel. And I get to stand ring side holding brush, spray bottle and towels-kennel assistant once again. The Ringer already has her free stacking, on the table nice and square and now working on baiting.

When do I get a dog all my own to show????

Later gators,



Sherilyn said...

We'll make you a deal...if the "Chunky Monkey" and Boo both take BOB, you can be Rus' Jr. and help him play in the big ring! :)

Looks like you'll just have to have another litter and keep one for yourself!


cindy said...

Great, just great, kennel asst and junior. I swear......

I do know that I will be able to take Frank in on occasion, but have been told that will be few and far between.

Anonymous said...

Magnificent phrase and it is duly