Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Would someone please shut off that damn Music!

Okay, I've been conned! I agree to dog swap, thinking I'm getting the better deal. I know my boys and well, love'm to pieces but there are days that you just shake your head at what they do. So far Moose has found all the corded electronics and slimed them. Fred has stolen corn cobs out of the garbage, taught his grandson the fine art of properly chasing cats and oh yes, Moose has once again demonstrated his ability to find the tallest object and stand on it-like the dining room table. All this while charming the pants off the residents at the Gibson Ranch.

What do I get, oh a sweet little girl who never causes any problems. She's a couch potato and well, that's it. She's the book end for Hope. Notice that little grin on her face?

NOT! I got chewed out, harassed and got a talk'en to on the way in the house from work tonight. Not my own dogs, noooo, they stood by and watched Music voice her opinion. She and Marg are best buds, which I might add, could be part of the problem. Marg taught her the fine art of herding ducks and horses. I'm thinking it's like a Dr Jekyell and Mrs Hyde movie--I have Mrs Hyde at my house!

Thanks Kim---I owe you one!

Later gators,



Kim said...

OMG I can't stop laughing! What to show a Cardi? She obviously has taken quite a shine shall we say to you. What have you done to my couch potato? Peace out, Kim

Kathleen said...

Gee, I was looking forward to our couch potato coming home, the three boys and the boy puppy are doing Cardi laps around the Bettendorf house now that we have moved back. And Fred barks at my 81 year old mother when she comes down the steps from her room!! Kathy

Cindy said...

She's a different dog alright, but once she's in for the night, it's couch potato again. And she doesn't take lightly to any dog who attempts to share the couch with her, well other then Hope.