Wednesday, August 20, 2008

leaving the nest

Sigh, well it was bound to happen. My baby is leaving the nest. Yeap, down to just the three of us at home. I won't know how to cook for so few--lots of left overs.

Alec leaves today to move into the dorms at Iowa State. He spent the last two years doing an ag transfer program at Kirkwood Community College - much cheaper and gets most of his prerequisites out of the way early. Now it's on to ISU to complete his teaching degree. My only complaint---I couldn't figure out a way to pack Lacey or Fred in a suitcase and send them with him. Hopefully in an other year he will get a campus apartment and can take those two dingalings with him. I swear it's not so much that I will miss him-last year he was gone so much with FFA related activities, that it's not much of change, but that Lace will have a fit for a few weeks. Fred is happy at Camp Gibson so he won't miss him as much-he's got Nick right now.

So now it's down to the three of us. How boring-truly, the three of us are about as much fun as molasses in winter. Guess it's time to start doing dog shows, horse shows and start tracking classes. Or paint the four rooms that need paint, move Meredith to the bigger bedroom, rip up carpet in the new dog room, install the tub, gosh that sounds like a swinging time, doesn't it? Not.

I seriously need a life, only problem is that I have no idea what a real life is.


later gators....


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Wow it sure seems like time flys by...Alec off to the dorms. Now that will be an adjustment to his system to be sure! Hey when you figure out that real life stuff would ya could ya let me know!

Cindy said...

As soon as I do figure it out, you will be the first to know.

He was excited about it, but David said when it was time to leave, he got really quiet. Reality hit him :0)