Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where were you....

The Alan Jackson song keeps running through my head. Where were you when the world stopped turning? I know it's been played a couple times this morning on the local station. I end up stopping what I am doing and just listening.

I thought about Karen this morning too. She's a dear friend who lives out in NY, works in Manhattan and was there that fateful day. She walks the long and quiet expanse of the bridge on to the island, just as she did that day on the way out of the chaos. Not knowing what was happening, thankful to be out of harms way and crying for those that never made it. I feel with her as she hears the bells toll for each unwanted happening-the first plane, then the second. The dreaded bells for the first tower to fall and then the second. I am with her as she thinks of friends lost, families torn apart and thanking God that she left the buildings 15 mins before the terror started. Karen does this not only as a memorial to those who are lost, but to keep this tragedy fresh in her mind, least she forget that empty pit in her stomach or not thanking God for every day that she is alive to retell her story.

My close friends and I shared moments this morning via email. Where were you when....OKC, Lennon, JFK, RFK, Reagan, The shuttles.... Yes a few of us are youngens as Barb said. So we learned from those that do remember. But for all of us, the falling of the towers, the heroic passengers in PA and our service people who died for what they believed in at the Pentagon, it's all too close, all too recent. 7 years is as 1 hour for us all.

In my weekly construction meeting, we all went around and talked about where we were, what we felt or what we remember about that day. This is the part I took for granted as I look up in the sky that day-the emptiness. David and I will still remember for the next week, watching the clearest blue skies I have ever seen. Not one jet trail nor the buzzing overhead when a small commuter jet flies in for a landing at the local airport. It was the quietest time and one of the most haunting. Even at night, no blinking lights, just the dazzling display of God's mighty hand in the heavens as he gently carried those souls up with Him.

So where were you when the world stopped turning that September day?

humbly later gators.....


coopercreek said...

A day I'll never forget.

Traci said...

I posted a post JUST like this on my own blog... tho you put FAR more thought into yours than I did mine! I guess I fall into that "youngin'" category, as I only really remember the shuttles and 9/11.... :( But it's a day that changed life as we know it... forever.

Cindy said...

We must have like brains. Actually I was posting it earlier in the day but our little group spent most of the morning emailing our own experiences, so I got caught up.

David and I talked about it last night too. Meredith was just 3 but she can remember some of it. I went outside last night and watched the jet trails for awhile.