Friday, September 12, 2008

Doing nothing

I gave up last night. Had tons of plans but once I hit the turn onto our road, I gave up. The burb went most of the way down the road sideways. Seems the county has decided that we don't have a busy enough stretch of road to get a new dusting of gravel. Oh goodness, can't wait for the first county truck to get stuck this winter and then they might rethink that one.

So instead of cleaning, vacuuming, packing for the show, I cooked. Moose's bath will just have to wait till Saturday morning. The annual Iowa-Iowa State game is this weekend in Iowa City so the office is having a chili cook off in celebration. I wish I had one of those house divided shirts to wear-Bomp went to UI, Alec is at ISU, Meredith is a Hawkeye Fan and well David and I, Luther, sort of. So out came some venison and we made chili-figured we needed to be a little different then the rest, an edge to win? We will have to wait and see.

As I continued to cook, out came the old cook book with the Corn Bread recipe. Yes this is from my grandfather and it's really, not that johnny cake stuff made with flour. He always loved it when I made it and would goat my mother saying I made it better then she did. He was originally from McMurray Cty, TN, so a true southern boy at heart. Of course the dogs were all hanging out in the kitchen hoping for a tidbit. I tripped over Claire more times then I can count. Dead bananas on the counter, well why not make some banana bread! I have been hankering for Peanut Butter Brownies, so got the jar out and in the oven they went. I think besides the cook off today, we are more then set for food this weekend. I have the taco meat ready too for Saturday's dinner, I know there will be extra chili for dinner tonight, though I have been told by Kim that Rose has been cooking for the trip too. Humm, something about being a good girl this weekend.

I went out and watched the jet trails for awhile. David and I were talking about that due to the Patriot Day events. I remember how darn clear the sky was that day-no clouds, no trails, no birds even. Check the ducks and well wouldn't you know it, we have a visitor. Coon #3 got transplanted far far away last night. Nothing this morning, so hoping we have stemed the flow of illegals. Yelled at Dove and Trouble to quit barking at the neighbor's cows. The cow/calf herd is back in the next door pasture and you couldn't tell that I had herding dogs, could you? That Dove has instinct up the you know what and I am going to start her in a few weeks with some simple lessons with my herding instructor. She and Moose should be entertainment for everyone, I can't wait!!! Watched the pups play tag under the hay rack and then race through a mock agility run. They are so much fun to watch and the adults get involved in the games every now and then.

After cooking, packing and assorted dog stuff last night, I dropped into a chair and David and I had a laugh. Many of the guys at work talk about what they did that night, or over the weekend. Went golfing, mowed the yard, washed the car, watched the game. Then they look at David and ask what were you up to this weekend? Oh no, open the flood gates. Got up, let dogs out. Feed dogs. Check horses, feed horses. Feed self and take shower. Too wet to mow, so clean stall and barn. Relocate coon. Mow duck yard. Go out and shop for something we need dog or duck or horse related. Oh last weekend, went to dog show and worked on grounds all weekend. Mowed yard. Went and got hay, unloaded in barn or went and picked up the 50 bales from the front paddocks that got baled by the neighbor the day before. And that's just part of the day ;0) They all stand there in amazement and ask don't you have fun? Yes, that's what I do for fun. That's my life and I love it. Wouldn't have it any other way. We aren't a family into football games, golf, running to the fitness club, shopping for nothing or going to the movies. Most people in town just can't get it.

Well now the smell of chili is in the air. I'm hungry and it's only 8:15 in the morning. Wonder what I can grub up? Then again, I know that camping with Kim this weekend, there will be more then enough food and spirits flowing. Nick and Meredith have a movie marathon planned. And I need to see if there are any good vendors-I need to start getting some Christmas presents bought.

Go Hawks? Go 'Clones? Nah, Go Me!!!!

Later gators....


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