Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Part 1-packing and the RV

Okay, this last weekend was about the best show trip yet this year-hasn't quite topped Canada, but close. I have had fun with the limited amount of showing I've done this year, but this so far has the best stories to tell. And yes will require several posts. Unfortunately no camera got packed so no incriminating photos to post.

Well, we decided to go up to Rochester, MN for the shows this weekend. First off, I was going to go up just for the fun of it as it would be the last show for the year for us and I had missed most of the summer and fall due to puppies, work and family time. Meredith wanted to go so I asked fine, and who are you showing in juniors? Lace? Ed? gulp, Moose? Yeap, Moose she said. My next question-have you been lifting weights and can you get him on the table? See Moose is well, a moose. 42lbs and yes I admit, he's fat right now. Been enjoying the good life a little too much lately. I think that relates to the comment-turning a dog into a prima dona in 4 easy steps??? So this last week she's been put to task and worked him including her daily exercise of lifting him on the table. And she can do it! Pretty darn well too and she doesn't even have to grunt like the rest of us do.

The best layed plans--I was going up, staying with Rus and Sherilyn and they then asked if I would show Emmy and Boo for the weekend. Sure why not? Well some where along the way, either Kim or I entered Russ and forgot. Until the entry confirmation came in the mail then we looked at each other and said-did you enter him? Figuring that we had already spent the entry fee, might as well show him. I had already kidnapped Rosario last weekend and Kim said nope, not again, she missed her boy too much and why don't we go up together in the RV-sure why not. Nick was so excited and had the weekend all planned for multiple Wii tournaments with Meredith. Those two are great pals and have so much fun together. Actually then it worked out great as Garrett needed a place to bunk so that freed up a bed with Rus and Sherilyn. So I still showed Boo and Emmy and two legged Rus showed the four legged Russ.

Now it rained last weekend. A lot. And the county does not feel that need to put more gravel on our road. I think the term red headed step child was used this weekend(I'll get more into that later) and that's what we feel like at home when it comes to the county and maintenance. So as Kim is planning on meeting me, loading up and heading out, we said, can't come to the house, the RV will get stuck on the way and we just aren't in the mood for Bubba and Bubba Jr either. So we meet at the end of the cross roads. 4 puppies, Moose, Meredith, I and all the crap for the weekend. I did of course forget food bowls but I think that was it. And by the end of the weekend, we all agreed that the new RV with the 3 slides and longer base is really needed if we do this again! We managed but 10-12 people for dinner, plus the playing puppies-meaning caught wine glasses and eggplant almost ending up on the floor was too close for comfort.

Loaded and ready to road trip, we were off. Wii games already in progress, puppies causing chaos, Frank taking over Russ' prize spot under Kim's seat and Dove insisting on sitting on my lap so she could watch out the front window, we made it to Rochester in one piece. Honestly, I have to thank both Sheryl and Kim---roads trips with them are like nothing else and I can't thank them enough for inviting us along.

Got a premo RV spot. No sewer(again that's for another post) but water and electric. Kim brought along the car-good idea as we shuttled back and forth with it each day. Barb is great-got there early and saved tons of grooming space and appropriately marked it with crime scene tape so we would know where to plant our mountain of crap. Yes that's what it when you decided to bring along all four of the puppies, add in Shaker and Bear, well it's mountains of crap. Moose had yet to get a bath, ie, see above comment about rain during the week. That would wait until the morning. Xpens up, chairs out and dinner time. Rus, Kim and I shared some left over Biaggi's pasta alfredo-ummmm and before you know it, it was 9:30. Meredith and Nick were already asleep, Sherilyn was dying for some sleep as she had a bad sinus infection all week. Said our good nights, see you in the morning and thank God for late ring times.

So ends day one..... on to day two and at least the bean dip didn't end up on the pom!

Later gators.....


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Okay the bean dip didn't end up on a Pom but it did end up on Meredith! Hopefully nothing that tide and tide stick can't cure.


Cindy said...

Oh yeah, forgot that. Yes it's soaking!

Goodness, can't we stay clean for at least one weekend??

Sherilyn said...

LOL Poor Meredith! I think we all need to buy stock in Tide and those wonderful Tide pens! What a fantastic invention!! :)

Cindy said...

You do remember that she's a tom boy? Other then not liking slimy bugs or bugs in general, notice how mater-a-factly she was about that spill.

I have stock in tide.