Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What I have to live with

First a few notes-yes I do know the bed is on the floor. I do have a frame for it but if we put it in the frame then Hope can't get on the bed. I swear, my furniture revolves around that dog. No new living room set until she's gone. Did I mention that she's going to be buried with the sofa?

And yes I also know that the bedroom is a state to scare anyone. It's the last room to get painted and what not. I know, I know, we have been in the house 5 years now, but you know, more concerned about the animals then us, so our painting waits.

Lastly, I did make the bed once this morning. Notice Fred and his feet waving at the ceiling? He made his own bed a few minutes prior. Also, Clairee and Topaz sleep with Meredith at night. They are taking the place of Moose, Tuli and Marg who sleep with us during the night, but can't be trusted alone during the day. Please review the post about my fight with the Sleep Number Service Dept and a certain cord on a remote.

So this is how I left it. Pointless to make the bed, again. It's impossible to move them by this point and well, why bother - 5 mins out the door and they will have redecorated it to their preferences.

Sigh, later gators.....


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