Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On the way out the door

Just a few shots of what I wandered through on the way out of the door this morning.....

I love the perennial hibiscus. Though I would much rather have a red one, this one seems to have survived the puppies, so it's a keeper.

One of the last blooms on the rose bushes this year. I leave the hips on for the birds during the winter. Can't tell you the variety, I think this is one that's been transplanted from about four different homes, so the name is now lost to history.

Poor ragged looking Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate. I love these when they get to the 6-8 foot heights, but those damn beetles this year stunted it's growth. This is a self seeding plant, so you have to be careful about volunteers, which I have in other sections of the yard. I let them go this year due to the beetles and will collect the seeds to start a few in the spring to put in the places I want. It's right by the lp tank and next year we are hoping that enough will self seed to create a living wall to hide the tank.

Talking about vounteers, yes the Ms loves Morning Glories and especially this deep purple heritage variety. This one isn't supposed to be on the fence, but I think that's a great place for it and well, going to make sure we have some on there next year. But also will add in clematis, climbing honeysuckle, trumpet vine and anything else I can think off.

Last but not least is this monster. A corkscrew willow. This one has a history! It started out as a decorative accent to a flower arrangement that David gave me about 4 years ago. So knowing me and not waiting to waste a thing, I stuck it in water after the arrangement had past it's prime. Let it leaf, grow roots and potted it up . I finally found a spot for it right in that little nook by the gate. At issue is that the damn think bends in the wind that comes around that corner and blocks the gate. Doing some pruning-which of course will lead to more of them ;0)

Later gators....

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