Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Toast update-not burned yet

I couldn't find any of his baby pictures, but then again, last night after the dreaded county fair meeting(that's another post), I planted my butt and watched a movie. But I digress---short post with a Toast update.

ISU called yesterday afternoon, mom relayed the contents of the call to me. Surgery went well. He had already lost vision in the eye, so actually removing it was not an issue. The mass was contained and had not progressed past his eye lid or eye ball. As in not in the tissue surrounding the eye or eye socket. Pathology report to confirm this should be in in a couple of days. He was up and eating like nothing ever happened yesterday afternoon.

We will know when he will come home today-either Thursday or Friday.

Later gators.....


Traci said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for Toast (his name makes me giggle! LOL). Thanks for keeping us updated! :)

Cindy said...

His registered name is Munier Farm's Forest Gump but we loving call him Toast-it really does fit his personality. He was born the 4the of July weekend, about two weeks premature, in 90 + degree heat. By the time we got him loaded to go to the Equine ICU, Dad said, he's just about toast, and it stuck.

Thanks and I will try to get a picture of him when he comes to stay with us in the sick bay.