Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bad news, bad news, good news, good news and more bad news

Just not my week, though the weekend preceeding was acceptional, the week sucks.

First off, Monday, just hate Mondays. I work in a business that has a customer care(service) department, a retail show room, a commerical pool services(CPS) division and a construction division(residential and commercial). My job covers all four depts with purchasing and inventory management. Let me tell you, getting everyone out the door on Monday's with just what they want is ugly then the orders rolling in from the weekend's retail customers, it's pool closing season and we are busting our tushes to get shells in the ground before the frost settles in. On top of this--it's quarterly inventory. Thousands and thousands of itty bitty parts-gaskets, orings, screws, bolts up to pools, covers, tons of PVC and well, four depts, service vans and ugh! I am beyond ready to skin someone alive and we aren't even to the point of running variances. So the bad news is that I will be in a perpetual state of pissed off for the next few weeks.

So good news, have to add in a little bad news first. Seems Dad's clyde gelding Toast-aka Forest Gump aka the Gumby Horse, has had some health issues. First a little note. This poor boy had a hard start in life. He was born premature but made it through that. Never looked attractive-all legs but a super easy to live with personality. When we tried to geld him, he reacted to the sedative which we now know is an issue in some clydes. He is gelded now but our friends up north did it while they were breaking him to drive. Two weeks ago Meredith noticed that he had some discharge around his eye and Dad took him up to the vet. Not good news, could be a lot of things but horses with loads of white on their face can be prone to cancer. Ugh. So Dad arranged for a visit up to the best large animal place around-Iowa State University's Veterinary Hospital.

They went up yesterday and good news finally. He does have cancer of the third eye lid, he does have a mass in his eye area, but it's not gone further then that. They are doing surgery today or tomorrow and Dad will go and pick him up on Thursday. Toast will come and live at our place for a time in the sick bay stall. More then likely they will have to remove the eye, he has to have a custom mask that he will have wear most of the time and well, outlook is good for ol Forest.

And on the duck front-Good News-no more casulties, the sick bay residents are well enough to head back to the main herd and David has now caught coon #4 in the live trap. We are putting a dot of spray paint on them to see if we retrap the same ones, but figure relocation 6 miles away and across the Wapsi should presuade them to go some place else. This last one was HUGE, mean and totally pissed off about the whole thing. The trap is back out as we feel that this is just the beginning. And Dad is sending down two more.

Bad news-puppies escaped 4 times into the horse pasture last night. David found the hole they made by the fence. Everyone gets a little worming tonight as I know exactly what they did--buffet! And it's time to send them back into the small dog yard until they get a little bigger. I'm also working permenant duck yard fencing with a pretty little gate that has my victorian double loop fencing one it.

What a week, and it's only Tuesday. I am seriously thinking it's going to be a Road Trip Weekend. Off to Naperville for ducks, Dubuque for tea and home to just enjoy the pretty fall weather.

Later Gators.....


Garrett808 said...

HEY! I totally forgot to mention at Rochester taht I couldn't get down to get the hen from Gail! But I can get it in time for St Paul if that helps any?

I"d also like to see what Holderead has for stock...what are you ordering..chicks or breeding birds? let me know when I need to know by

Cindy said...

I will be placing my order for show ducks by Christmas but we can, to save shipping, combine the order to what ever you need. Just drop a line to Dave H and he can tell you what he has or is planning. If it works out right, I might even have them by the National in Topeka and bring them along.

I was going to get some young adults this fall but decided to hold off-plus they don't have anconas right now.

No biggy on the bird--where in the world would I have put it for the weekend???Kim would have totally gone off the deep end with a duck in the RV ;0) St Paul is good if you have the chance.

If you know of anyone that's interested in 5 fawn and whites, I have those for sale as well as 3 khaki drakes-really nice ones too.