Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Part 3-Sunday and the way home

Sunday dawned way way too early. OMG-seems that the boys had gotten into something and I had one having an allergic reaction to it all night long-hack hack hack, cough. I had left the dog first aid kit at home so no benadryl. Add in that Meredith at some point in the night crawled up in bed with me and took over the pillow. Okay, maybe the fact that Sherilyn and I drained a few bottles of our "cheap ass" wine, or the stuff that Kim is embarrassed to have in the RV. But hey, we got rid of it for her ;0)

So I get up, set puppies out, Kim comes along too and we watch them -no more hacking so he must be over the worst of the bad reaction. Neither one of us is in any mood to get ready. That is until I look at my watch and go-damn, best get ready. Our instructions, per Nick, were to be quiet as "they" were going to sleep in since Meredith didn't have juniors till late. Not going to happen-I made as much noise as possible but they were already up watch cartoons. Kids. So all dressed, off we go to grooming-Russ and five puppies in tow.

Now I must back track to explain our red headed stepchild remark from part1. Seems Russ is a tad spoiled. No biggy, he deserves it. But on Saturday, while getting ready to show, Kim is in the OMG mood and has to run back to the RV to get his special bait. Now to Shaker and Music get the same treatment, no of course not. Shaker just gets what ever else is left and Music, well she just wants to sit on the couch so she doesn't care. Big Rus remarks about how she treats dog #2 and 3 like red headed step children. Kim of course doesn't take offense to it and actually laughs about it. Well in the mean time, Big Rus is digging into his bag of tricks and we find out that Little Russ loves cheap hot dogs. Kim's back with his special bait-which he refuses. All too funny only because if you didn't know, Lil'Russ has been beyond picky and eats only enough to maintain himself. Kim has tried everything under the sun to get him to eat and I mean everything, except that cheap, gross, greasy canned dog food. Russ eats well, ie the 4 easy steps to a prima dona comment, which I concede to Kathy for that quote. At our shopping trip to Farm/Fleet, Kim picked up a can of Alpo, upon which Russ at the entire can for dinner. She about gagged.

So grooming we go. Russ is still out of coat so not much to groom. Raffle drawing and man, it was Sherilyn's day-she got the cardigan basket and the xpen! Though Meredith did get her ducky basket. Nick I guess went back to sleep, Meredith was up and dressed and brought Moose over to the rings. We sat with baited breath watching a couple of the classes-all of us outside the ring either holding our breath or using our outside voices-oh no oh no, switch'em, switch'em. Then of course when the judge makes the right decision, he must have heard the exhale. Sherilyn and I look right at each other and say-whew. BOB was great-Russ had a blast, was getting wound up, playing, barking and well, having a party. We got a pull out with the eventually BOB and Group 1 winner-just maturity getting us again. Oh well, it's very very promising and both Kim and I were happy.

Tammy got a chance to look at the 6 of 8 puppies. I learned so much from her. Again, overall, a nice litter, achieved what we wanted and can't wait for the next time we breed. Tammy also asked to go over the big boys-Boo, Russ and Moose. I am happy to report that all of us learned a thing or two plus we are right on track with what we are doing! I even learned what I should look for when and if I use Moose-which Tammy said why shouldn't you use him? Thank you Tammy!

Juniors came and went. Meredith got third, then got told she should have won the class by a lot of spectators and especially non corgi people. Her comment-I had fun showing and Moose did too. What a ham he is. In the mean time, Nick appears and tells his mother, I cleaned the RV. To which, Kim gets and OMG look and says, hey Nick, let's go back and check a few things. Heehee, he did the dishes. 3" of overflow in the shower from the tank. My poor crock pot, all of 17 yrs young, was a casualty. Oh well. But we do manage to get packed, hook up the car and then commend Nick on his wise choice of doing dishes as the line to dump would have set us back another hour on the trip home. After getting Erma's head wrapped around the fact that we were going to go 63 home and not her way of 52, home ward bound!!!

Along the way we hashed over the weekends results. Accomplished about 2/3 of our goals. Not bad so it wasn't a total failure. Learned tons from Tammy -- Thank you Tammy!!!! Ate great food, drank cheap wine, well and some good wine too. The best company we could ever imagine having. The puppies were sacked out all over the RV. No racing around, no rough housing, all sleeping. Kids too. Then there was the wine.

I have had a 1/2 gal of cranberry wine, ready for punch should the need arise. It's gone from Amana, to Des Moines, to Davenport, to Central City, to Rochester and now back home again. I think it decided that it needed to be opened. Shhhh don't tell Kathy! It just so happened about 1/2 hr out of Rochester, it some how fell and tried to empty itself on the floor. It wasn't bad until Kim hurriedly pulled to the side and then it went from a small stream to me standing in Lake Cranberry. The smell, I would term it like hanging out in a bog of cranberries. Attempting to mop up a quart of wine, not let puppies in to help. Towels, socks, paper towels, 409, Nature's Miracle and tons of giggles later, it's cleaned up and off we go. We prayed for a cop not to pull us over as the smell of wine was everywhere-we all would have gotten sobriety tested right then and there. Unreal.

As the rest of the trip was uneventful, we decided that maybe we wouldn't go down Lillie, but once again, transport back to the house via 'burb. I think I got all our stuff. If not, we'll be down at Kim and Kathy's new house in October and it can hold till then. Some how though, my cell phone ended up in the front yard in the pile of new dog bones. That was the 9:30 panic search
and it was funny to see the glow in the front yard as David called it via his phone.

So another dog show, another weekend with great friends. I couldn't ask for a better group to hang with. I am counting the days till January, I hear we get to eat Vietnamese that weekend! Thanks Barb, Steve, Rus, Sherilyn Garrett, Mary, Kim, Nick, Wanda and Tammy!! Friends and dog shows--the best combination. Well add a little food and cheap wine, makes it even better!!!

Later gators.....


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

It was a great weekend, and thanks to everyone for great company, food, friendship and the like.

At the end of the day, I have to say I will never be able to turn around and look down the RV with out seeing that sea of Cranberry wine sloshing around! The RV bathroom where the towels go pitched smelled so OMG awful that I pitched the whole lot of them!

Now to tackle unpacking it...


Sherilyn said...

OMG!! Sounds like we missed the rest of the fun! Oh well, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves this weekend with Cindy said, "nothing better than dog shows with great food and the best group of friends around!" We can't wait until next year!

Glad you all made it home safely. "We" decided to take 63 to I-90 to I-35 this time (instead of 63 all the way from I-30 to Rochester...hehe, long story which I am sure Rus will try to put ALL the blame on ME!) Hey! I'm a math/science person...the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line, which is how I took us up there! How was I to know it would take almost 5 hours? ;)

Anyway, great weekend, love you guys, and can't wait for more cheap wine and good food!


Cindy said...

That poor poor bottle of cranberry wine. David drank part of it last night for us. I owe Kim some towels now.

We need a t-shirt that says something to that effect!

Thanks guys for one hell of a weekend-couldn't have asked for better company. What will January have in store for us????

Sherilyn said...

Just an FYI - Garrett admitted to Rus and I Saturday night that he liked "OUR" wine better, but didn't want to hurt Kim's feelings! ;) hehe So we can add him to our "CAW" club!!

Sorry G, I had to tell! hehe

Cindy said...

Too funny! Well Garrett, we'll make sure to have more of the CAW stuff for the next road trip.

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Poor poor pitiful Garret...liking the $3.00 wine over the good stuff!

Hey just finished unpacking the RV--where did the tomato basil chicken kabobs come I so would have thrown them in the sauce had I known...

No Cindy you don't owe me any towels consider it a wash with the gray water soaked crock pot!

Cindy said...

Kabobs---Annie. Totally forgot about those. We owe Annie a dinner!

Oh yes, my poor crock pot. Now I have an excuse to get one a new one!


Garrett808 said...

hey now..i liked both, but must admit i like white wines better. especially my sweet German named wine that Kim made a face at! :) I"ll make sure to bring some in January!

It was too much fun this weekend...I'm really glad I decided to come down!

Winjammin' said...

What is the t-shirt supposed to say??

My poor poor bottle of CAW!!


I think I owe Kim some new towels!!

January...better batten down the hatches, tie up the RV, close the shops in the Cities, and hide the kids...Sumjammin' is comin to town!!!