Monday, August 4, 2008

Future show dawgs?

(apologize about the size on a couple of these. Meredith was taking the photos-pretty good for her first time I might add, but I forgot to tell her how to use the zoom )
Let's see-these should be Shaker, Harry, Dove and Bear. The red boys and George were avoiding me. And Eddie was supervising.
Cooperation at 8 weeks is not their greatest trait. Besides having to resort to peanut butter, they were not interested in staying still. Too many things to get into, including the find of the weekend-the horses' loafing shed and all the goodies in there. Harry, Trouble, Frank and Bear all got dunked in the pool and warning, don't let them kiss you any time soon. Yucky puppies.

So here's a few shots that we were able to get this weekend.
Later gators...


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Oh thank goodness Shaker was not involved in the great horse goody raid. Kim

Cindy said...

No he wasn't.....because he found the leftovers by the hitching post. We try to clean up as soon as it happens but you can't ever get it all.

two legged rus said...

HAHAHAHAHHA!!!! Glad ours isn't the only troublemaker in the bunch!!

You realize that these are going to be even more of a handful due to being from both Grandpa Fred and Boo. I sure hope you warned the new owners! :o)

eawhite said...

AWWWW! They're cute little troublemakers! Have you tried collars on them yet? Have you done the official temperament testing?

(Harry's future mom)

eawhite said...
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Cindy said...

They all got a chance to do try out a lead this weekend and they were all pretty good except for Bear. Harry just grabbed the lead and took himself for a walk. Bear did the crocodile death roll across the yard then played road kill.

Temperment testing this week sometime.

Collars for everyone tonight for a short time and gulp, the evils of eating in their own crates too.

eawhite said...

How'd the collar and dinner-in-crate night go?