Tuesday, August 5, 2008

top heavy

Okay it's been asked how things are going with puppies and certain matters that must be attended to as they grow up. We have house breaking, crate training, leashes, collars and of course those awful vet visits.

Last night we did the whole collar thing. That's always too funny to watch. I use adjustable puppy collars that are really thin and light weight. I have them very loose so they can come off if they decide to fight or play with each other's collars. Well the funniest part is when you put it on, they tip over. Yes, puppies think they are weighted to the ground. I know of a cardigan puppy who when put in his life vest the first time, fell over and refused to move until they took it off. Same here. Harry was the first. Quizical look at me, flopped his head and over he went. Everytime he tried to get up he would sit, then flop over. I said-gotta get used to it and walked out of the play area to find another victim to put a collar on. He got over it but not without voicing his opinion on it all. The other fun aspect of collars is the inability to move more then a foot without having to scratch at it. Makes for slow moving puppies.

After a couple hours, all was well. Though George did manage to get his off and I haven't found it yet. He looked very proud BTW.

Crates-they have four nice little crates in their play and sleep area. They fight in them, on them, around them and sleep in them. But no the doors are not shut-yet. That's this weekend. I do put treats in the crates and they are very comfortable about going in and eating their biscuits in them. Though two of them got into it this morning, with one dragging the other out of the crate by his tail. Boys will be boys.

House breaking. Boy is that just an unpleasant thought for most new puppy people. But this time around I tried something that a few other breeders suggested-litter training. And I swear, at 8 weeks, these guys are pretty much house broke! I have a small 2'x4' box in their play area. As I started to wean them, I would shrink their paper area down daily, only keeping shredded paper and fresh newsprint in the box. They learned to go over and use the box instead of messing up their area. I added wood shavings and alfalfa pellets to the mix and it keeps it dry, smells clean and easy to clean up daily. So when the kids start going home, new families will get a bag of alfalfa pellets and wood shavings to take home and sprinkle in the yard where they want the new puppy to go. Most of the time they all are good about running through the house and holding it till I let them outside too. This litter has been a cinch--even David remarked about it.

Next week is their vet visit for microchips. That's always a good one. I usually have to go hunting for puppies as vet techs like to walk off with them. Some puppies take it well and some well like Puppy Russ, turn into statues. With his chip, Doc said she didn't even think he breathed the whole time he was on the table.

Tonight is intro to the new agility equipment and swapping of dogs with Kim. If you haven't read poor Russ' woos-his housemate is in season so she's coming to Camp Cindy and the boys here are going to Camp Gibson for a vacation and to play with Russ.

Later gators...

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