Monday, August 4, 2008

weekend off

Not sure if I should really call it a weekend off, but maybe a weekend without a preexisiting plan? So we sit around Friday night and wonder, what the heck do we need to do? Usual cropped up-haircuts all around, groceries, dog errands, then try to figure out if we need to tackle garage and barn cleaning, weed the garden or mow the lawn.

So we did we actually do? Played with puppies, sorted ducks for State Fair, and built some new agility equipment. The teeter needs two more pieces-seems I got PVC glue happy and glued something the wrong way-oops. The rest of it needs painted and decorated. Lace has tested it out the dog walk, several times. She even jumped the stuff I put on it to block the ramps. Shaker the puppy got 1/2 up and slid down. Stood there with his ever adorable cocked head and wondered how the heck he was going to get all the way up. Kim-I see agility in that boy's future!

If you would like the plans, let me know. The gal that sent me the plans did a great job. Pretty easy to do and portable too. Not totally regulation size, but it's a great set of equipment to practice on between classes. Tire jump and pause table are on the plans for this next week as well as some hoop jumps. A chute for the week after, then go pick up an A-frame from someone selling their's.

Later gators....


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Oh I can just see it--agility equipment in the side yard. How do I break it to Kathy that I need yet more equipment?

Cindy said...

Hey, I have the plans! We can spend a weekend building.

Actually it only cost about $40 to make. The most expensive part of the whole dog walk was the boards at $20.00. PVC is easy to cut on the table saw, then it's only the gluing that'll get ya-I glued some on the teeter base wrong so have to get new elbows for one part.