Monday, July 28, 2008

Time for a breather, maybe, sort of

Man, where did summer go? I swear it's been go go go go go, from the day Meredith got out of school. Though I might add that she didn't get out of school till mid summer. Ah reflection back on winter 08!

So here we are almost in August. My baby is flying the coop to head to his finally couple of years of college. Alec took advantage of the community college's association with Iowa State University and took an Ag Transfer program. It allowed him to get a lot of stuff out of the way, much cheaper, he was able to live at home and work too. But that's over and now he's gotta hit the books and finish up his teaching degree. We are moving him into his dorm on the 20th. It'll be hard to see him go, but at the same time I can't be happier he's succeeding in what he wants to do.

Meredith starts 5th grade this year. Can't believe it. Won't be long for her to start driving, then graduate, then.... In the mean time, she's up to her eyeballs in 4-H, swimming and her horses and dogs.

Ellie was over this weekend and got the Mooman out for a short ride. He still knows how to push her buttons. They had a good ride and she was already complaining about being saddle sore. That poor old boy, bet he wishes he could retire to a land far far away.

We had a great weekend to start winding up the summer. Over 20 people with 40 plus assorted corgis, corgi mixes and corgi wannabes. It was so much fun and other then Eddie rubbing Boo the wrong way(I think that's Eddie's goal in life-piss off Boo), they all had a blast. Puppies were totally undaunted by the other dogs, though I had to do a head count everytime someone left-threats of kidnapping where rampent all day long. A good game of chase was had by all with Cody the sammie in the lead. We can blame it all on Music and her flirting. Some dips in the pool, game of frisbee, barking at the ducks and horses, and great food. Corgi Crumpets, cookies, BBQ and grilled sweet corn, Ummmmm.

The silent auction, be it small, netted 150.00 for CorgiAid, hope to make it bigger and better then ever next year.

So now it's a few weeks of quiet, nope, just one. State Fair starts with duck shows, a great concert to go to, the draft horse show, school starts, BIG DOG SHOW coming up and puppies going to their new homes.

On the puppy note, we can't be more tickled with a few of these four legged monsters. The boys are turning out so nice and that one little girl-wow. I see some nice performance traits too. Multipurpose puppies-gotta love that. Most will be going home on the 17th to their new families, though George has to wait for the cool fall temps to fly to the East coast, unless I can figure out a way to get him cross country earlier. This weekend, nothing bothered them-the big dogs, strange people and all the chaos. They were bushed at the end of the day but ready to go on Sunday. The little hams, I think they were disappointed in the lack of entertainment yesterday and took all their energy out on the big dogs.

Now it's on to the work week. With the all the weather delays, the pool business, which should be a slight slow down, is crazier then ever. That's okay, lots of overtime.

Later gators......

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