Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Getting nothing done

I swear, I have too many things I should be doing, yet it seems each night when I go home, I get nowhere. Rooms to paint, floors to mop, cleaning, throwing away, laundry to wash, dogs to work. So what do I do instead? Granted I get enough done to keep the house functioning, but since the puppies have started going outside in the evenings, I opt for a nice lawn chair, cool drink and great conversation with David.

Puppies are all about the outside. Add in the babysitter Eddie, collies to play with, a BIG dog called Max who they totally have his number and it's more entertaining then a good movie. Last night they got to play with ice cubes. I usually fill the water dishes and add ice to them in the hot weather. Eddie showed them how to dig them out of the bowl and suck on them. Too funny, many just didn't know what to make of those cold wet things. Harry and Shaker opted to just stick their front feet in the water dish to cool off.

Exploring is really vital for a well rounded puppy and man do I have places to explore. Harry, once again, along with two of the red boys, found the horse pasture gate last night. It's all blocked off so they can't get in, but imagine itty bitty puppies and the reaction to a clydesdale walking up to the gate. Wish I had had the camera. No one ran away, they just stared at each other for awhile.

The humidity will knock you down quickly, so the gang came in early last night and romped in the house till dinner time. What a time they had. Hope made the mistake of laying down in the center of the room and it was like a religious experience for the puppies. They crawled along the floor, bowing to her, licking her face and ears, belly up and begging for attention from her. Hope on the other hand, kept looking at David like-and when do they leave? Not soon enough for her.

We had games of chase around the back of the couch. Some good aroos from under the chair and couch later on and Shaker, oh poor Kim, he was intent on rearrange the fans in the house by dragging them around by the cords. Unplugged of course but he didn't care. David's boots got a good cleaning after coming in from the barn. Yuck and a good reminder that I need to worm the pups again this weekend. Then they collapse right where they were and nap. Found Torch with his head deep in Alec's shoe - had to pull his nose out so he could breath. The only one not tired was Dove who was frapping around the room and playing with Eddie. She loves Uncle Eddie and he her.

When it came time to feed the rest of the house, we had to hunt for Frank-as usual. He was 1/2 way under the chair asleep. Count heads and put the pups away for the night. Tomorrow they get to start some crate training, though they all fight over who gets to sleep in the small crate that's already in their xpen. Then this weekend is the horrible leash and collar introduction. Could be very interesting to say the least. Last litter, not an issue at all. Litter before, Moose insisted on taking himself for regular walks by grabbing the leash in his mouth. Then I remember a puppy named Grant that had a hissy fit with the collar and leash. You would think I was killing him. But a good pop and he went okay and off we went for a walk. Each puppy is different, so this is always a fun time.

Hoping to get temperment testing this done weekend. Depends on the weather and if its not raining I can pack them up for their first trip over to a good friends for the testing.

So once again tonight, it's a cold drink and comfy chair in the yard. Will bring the camera along for some more action shots. Hoping that the predicted thunderstorms don't ruin the plans for the evening. Though I love watching the storms roll in, its makes it a crazy household to say the least.

Later gators....


Kim said...

Oh just wonderful, another dog that has a thing for moving things around. Russ moves fans, vacuum cleaners, crate mats, furniture, so Shaker will fit right in.

Give him a kiss from Mom!

Auntie Cindy said...

Okay, so maybe this on isn't middle of the road, but hey, at least he's just as good for a laugh as Russ!

Auntie Cindy