Monday, July 21, 2008


Well that's what we call them around here. Updating everyone about the recent happenings with the current litter of puppies. And boy do I know why I only do one litter at a time and at least a year between them. They wear you out. Especially at this age-6 1/2 weeks and they know it. I can't be happier with this group. By far the happiest, not the sassiest, that was Moose's litter. Tails wagging all the time. Here's a few candids we took tonight while we were working in the yard.

I have a HUGE front yard that is set up for the dogs. They love it and the puppies have grand adventures in different areas each night. To night mom introduced them to the ducks and horses. No big deal, just more fun stuff to roll in.

So here's some shots-bottom to top-- first one is Dove. The lone girl and she will be staying here to see how she matures. Going to let Meredith show her for now. Striking isn't she? Then there's Shaker sleeping between the pots, Torch asleep on the wall and Frank asleep in the middle of the walk. He has a sweet face.

Enjoy--later gators.



Jinnie said...

How cute are they!

Cindy said...

Thanks! Tell you what, it's going to be another hard litter to part with. Not only are they just darn cute, but man, some top notch personalities too.