Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I have tons to catch everyone up on but this one will have to be short to start with.

When you live with dogs, you celebrate Barkdays, not birthdays. Also when you adopt, since many of those dogs have unknown birth dates, you have Gotch Day celebration. July is filled with tons of birthdays around here. Here we go!

Happy 8th Barkdays to my first cardigans-Farmer Fred and Ms Phoebe. Look where we are now!
Happy 9th Barkday to my dearest Clairee. Who would imagine the roads we've been down in a quest to learn. I don't know where I would be without you, our bestest ClaireeBear.
Happy 1st Barkday to the Alcohol litter-Wonder Puppy Russ, Tristan, Mandy, Lila, Copper and Albert.
Happy 7th Barkday to a super whiner Lace. You are a boy's pride and joy and a pain in my a** Many thanks to Jackie and the kids for breeding such a great dog and sending her our way.

And I can't forget-Happy Birthday to my mother. I won't tell her age, but we still get mistaken for sisters. Thanks for it all MOM!

It's scary that some of my fourlegged kids are getting up there in age. Lace can now officially hit the veterans ring and I am sure Meredith will be happy to take her in. Fred and Phoebe are showing some grey in the face but their bodies are still ready for a run. And Clairee, what can I say about her. She's endured training errors, handler mistakes, loads of hugs and even been the victim of a sick kid and got puked on. That was a cleaning nightmare-she smelled of you know what for a week even with 4 bathes. Then there are the youngsters who continue to amaze me with their talents and personalities.

Blow out your candles, eat some cake and enjoy your day, you earned it.

later gators....


Sherilyn said...

Happy Barkday to all the kids from Uncle Rus, Aunt Sherilyn and the 4 tailed ones and 2 tailess wonders.

Hugs to all!


Russ said...

Happy Barkday to my Grandpa Fred and all the other Foggy Bottom crew!