Monday, July 7, 2008

Little behind

Okay, so I'm a little slow. Blame it on jet lag, time change or just plain lazy? And yes that is a French Bulldog, no I am not changing breeds but isn't she just the cutest??

I have returned from the wilds of Canada. Both Sheryl and I survived the trip, even if I had to be reminded to use my Other Left while driving the RV. Ah the power of the big rig. Heehee.

Promise to post more later along with some great stories and photos. But here's the abridged version.

Sheryl and I left early Wednesday morning after a quick breakfast at a great little Diner in Monmouth. Thanks Phil-that's one to keep in mind on my next trip down. I got the joy of driving the RV part way up to Superior WI, which was our first overnight stop. 10 hours is about the limit for both of us. Nice little campground just outside of Superior and Duluth. Bugs weren't too bad either. As the official kennel assistant for the trip, the dogs and I got used to each other and routine got established. Thursday morning dawned and after a little bit of an issue with the black water valve-thanks to the Two Harbors campground for helping out, we made it to the border with no issues. And yes Canada did let me in. And the US let me back in later on, so there!

The drive along Lake Superior is awesome, well worth another road trip, making sure to schedule time to side trip it to some neat little shops. Made it up to the show site with lots of time to settle in on Thursday. But man, those mosquitos are HUGE up there. Maybe it has to do with the excessive daylight hours? We all had a hard time getting to sleep with it being so light. 11:30 was the average lights out for the trip.

Show day arrives and Kim is dropped off by Kathy and Nick. Russ is in full glory, realizing that indeed he gets to be the center of attention and not that darn Music. He's just too funny. In the end after 3 days and 6 shows, Russ is now a Canadian Champion, pending approval. He also garners a group 2! Music comes home with one point, Emmy with 5. Poor Justin, had to settle for a frap and slime with Russ before the show. The filler dog - Frenchie, was a hoot also. Seems Ms Cricket likes to show and I managed a group 4 and group 2 with her. But we did manage to share the points with everyone else the rest of the weekend. The golden I was showing for my good friend Paul Grimm, Ms Bonzee, was having a grand time. Though she only managed a second place in her class all weekend long, we all fell in love with her. Someone even renamed her Pearl because of her color. She kind of stands out amongst the golden dogs, she's cream colored. Moves like she could hunt all day long but just not enough coat and fluff for the judges. Shame, take her any day over a show golden.

Sunday afternoon we pack up and head home. Once again, camping overnight in Superior, then Monday morning heading home. I think both of us needed to get home, but it was still enjoyeable on the way home. Too many things to remember and laugh at about our grand adventure. Crazy Annie, Lynn the Movie Star, Annie, beer and a burgers, poodles and having your sides hurting the next day from laughing too hard.

Best dog show trip I have ever taken and can't thank Sheryl enough. Can't wait for next year. I think it really has to do with the quality of the people we were hanging around with all weekend. Honest, open and willing to laugh at themselves. Thankful for all my friends, that's the way a dog show should be.

I will post some photos in the next couple of days-had too much fun with Phil's camera and need to update everyone on the puppies. County fair is this week so gearing up for Meredith's first year-ducks, rockets, dogs and horses. Let's see--oh kennel club fun match, dog show loose ends to catch up on and more exciting news to hint at on the dog front. Stay tuned!

later gators....


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