Tuesday, June 24, 2008

North of the border

Puppies are getting huge! I can't seem to find one I like in particular, though I believe that interested parties are already arguing over the black masked red male. Not sure if they really want him now-found him in the whelping box this morning rolling on his back trying to catch his rear foot, then chasing his tail till he was dizzy. Are you guys up for that personality?

All their eyes are open and I've even seen some mock fighting and growling. Amazing the difference at two weeks when eyes open. All of them are completely pigmented and well, I'm darn smitten with the whole bunch. Thanks Boo! Great job that might get you some repeat business ;0) Check out the new photos on the website.

Heading up for my first trip to Canada tonight. After I get done teaching classes, it's back home to load up the rest of the stuff then down south to Sheryl's. Kind of funny to head south then head north, but that's just the way it works around here. Nothing is ever simple. Taking along the Ms M&M. Russ is already vacationing up north so Kim will meet us at the show site with the monster. I've heard she's got her hiking shoes along and will be walking many miles each morning trying to take a little bit of edge off Russ' ego before we show.

I'm also venturing into the golden retriever ring this time around. Our good friend Paul is sending up his lovely little cream colored girl, Bonzee. Of course she's in season, that should make things interesting, but it will be fun too. She's so pretty, not a lot of coat, but she's comes out of UK lines and looks like a golden who could do a fine days work in the field or water.

So, we'll see you all in a week or so, eh? Can't wait to see the wilds of the north and have a great trip RVing it with Sheryl.

Later gators....

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Sherilyn said...

Best of luck up North and tell Ms Emmy (M&M) she better behave or big brother Boo will get her when she gets home!

See you in a couple weeks!