Monday, April 7, 2008


I promise to add pictures later but the girls decided to be camera shy yesterday.

David was home for the weekend so it was run here and there trying to get things done before he had to leave. Taxes are done-YEAH! But prior to that, he spent the better part of the afternoon tending a fire. It wasn't supposed to be a fire, okay, it was but the large round hay bale was not supposed to catch on fire. Small burst of wind sent a cinder to a very old bale and well, poof. Actually kind of funny, in a smart ass sort of way-at least we don't have to look at it anymore. My house smells like a smoke, which brings back memories of my parent's house fire.

So on Sunday it was clean out the stalls and pens day. I spent the day sewing some stuff for friends, coughing up a lung and dealing with a severe pinched nerve in my back. I opened up the ironing board by the slider window to the back yard and I got to watch the girls-ducks that is-Pip, Peep and Sarah, play in the water, while pressing seams. Still snow in their pen so they get the back dog yard to wander in while their inside pen is cleaned. Never seen ducks so happy to see a trough of water. Sarah kept trying to dive in, but hit her head each time. It's not that deep. Layed a couple of eggs in their wanderings and left lots of poo for the dogs to roll in today.

The topic of discussion at the dinner table was how best to make their regular pen easier to keep up on. More so, the water issue. Currently there's a wading pool out there, but it's such a hassle. Our sump pump runs a lot so David is now trying to figure out how to create a pond for them with the sump discharge. Should be very interesting to see what he comes up with. All I know is as of tonight, those girls are headed outside to their big pen for the long term. I need to get the inside one ready for more ducks!

Now I have ducks more for the amusement then for anything else. I love to watch their waddle, their feigned interest in anything on the ground and best of all they are better visitor alarms then the dogs. They quack like they are laughing. Makes you happy just about anytime you hear it. Eggs are a side benefit and make wonderfully rich custards and quiches. I've been bringing in some for my CFO and his kids love them for breakfast. Little did anyone know but at the last dog show the egg salad was a huge hit-it was duck egg salad.

Last but not least, the ducks have a job of teaching the dogs to herd. Fred's getting good at moving them from one pen to another. Max wants to eat them so Sarah pecks him as he runs by their fence. And the puppies, oh what fun it was last fall to let the puppies in and see what they would do. All of them got a chance and all of them knew right away what to do -Albert was by far the best and hoping his skills come in handy with his new family. Next time Russ and his mom are up, we will see what he thinks of them. Though I know when I tell him he can't tackle them I will get one of those famous "I don't get it" looks.

So I sit here waiting for the clouds to part and the phone call that the new ducklings are ready for pick up. I ordered from OR this year. The company specializes in rare, historial breeds and show ducks. Yes that's right, show ducks! I also ordered just a run of Indian Runners to have extras around.

We aren't Ol'McDonald's farm yet, close, but not yet. No goats or sheep, though I am looking at getting a few lambs later on. NO chickens-thems stupid birds. Looking into a Dexters or Scottish Highlands this year or next, but no pigs. I do have to draw the line somewhere-don't I?

later gators.....

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