Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Yeah-new ducklings are here! Sort of, gotta go pick them up on the way home tonight. I can't wait! They will get to live in the study for a few days until David is back and we can get the pen in the barn set up with a heat lamp and all. Hoping that this entertains Eddie some as his whine is about to kill me-three girls in season in the house and none of them are for him. Poor boy. I also got the confirmation that the show ducklings will be in the week of the 21st. I'm really excited about those as there are a few very rare varities that I ordered.

I know that the last ones we got, Fred and Moose camped out pen side as much as possible-guarding "their" ducks. Yes that's why I get them-just for the boys.

Will add photo tonight of the newest residents at Foggy Bottom!

Later gators....

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