Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's all in the name

As I sit here waiting for it to rain-yes we went from snow to rain and snow again, and now rain, I'm also watching the world's ugliest collie wander around the house. She's not the ugliest, maybe the most homely? Or the most ill put together collie around. A constant reminder that every time we breed tha we need to expect the unexpected. We hope for the best and then God says, let's knock you down a rung or two-give you a taste of the honey but instead here's a little vineager.

Meredith's Click is a combination of honey and vineagr, just depends on the day. Talk about using left over parts-this girl should not have made it to 2 yrs old with the start she had. Runt, beyond runt, tiny little puppy, dwarfed by her siblings 3 times over. Yes 3 times over. Not sure if what God was thinking with her color, but it's a conversation piece to be sure of. Little blue merle here, little tri color here. Itty bitty eyes-she's has a few issues in the dark with running into things. Prick ears-way too small for her and never could get them to stay tipped over. Can't walk straight, sidewinds across the yard. But of course I gave in to a little girl's wishes-can I keep one puppy out of this litter? Sure, so what does she do, goes to the runt. It'll haunt me till that dog dies.

Click is a lesson in humility. There is never a day where you don't cock your head in wonder with her antics, her charm and never ever has this dog had a bad day. Even when she's sick, she's one bubbly little girl. Did I mention that she's all of 45 lbs when soaking wet? Never carries an oz of wasted weight. She can jump on the counter(that's been cured for now), annoy the big dogs with a gleeful look in her eye and stand there with a wondering and joyful look on her face, slowly wagging the tip of her tail. All the while, I tense up waiting for the next nose poke or worse, pounce where she tells you she's so happy to be with you today.

Click is short for Summit's Click it or Ticket. The litter theme was things that happen on road trips. Now it's shortened to Click and once again, people just giggle at her when you say her name. It so fits, most of the time. Take this morning for instance. We are watching Evan Almighty(that's another post) and the entire 2 hours of so of the movie, this dog might lie down for 1-2 mins, then it's up again. She is a perpetual motion machine. Collies in general have a pace mode. This one is stuck in 5th gear. We joked about it - we should have called her Timex, takes a lickin' and keeps on ticken'! Or named her after a car-Pacer. What ever her name should have been, Click really fits her.

We do theme litters around here. Many breeders do letters-like A litter or the B litter, and so on. In Europe, many will use a specific letter, determined by the year. I like themes-have a book full of the but occasionally we have to come up with a new one based on just a happening during the breeding, the whelping or that given day. Marg and Roy produced the Alcohol litter. That one was great fun to narrow down the names. Upcoming litter is a beach theme. Then there's those call names - sometimes we get registered names that have a very good call name to go with it. Take little Russ-his registered name has White Russian in it, or his sister is Lila, she's Tequila Sunrise. Then you have Moose-nope, nothing within in his long registered name would indicate that he's Moose. He's Rvenge Is Sweet. But one look at him and well, he's a moose-was a huge puppy. We called him the whale puppy then the ox then settled on him just being one big Moose. And it stuck. Each and every name fits the dog. He wasn't a goliath or a giant or anything else, he is and always will be Moose.

So Click will be Click, not Timex, not Perpetual Motion. And just for today she gets to be called the Birthday Girl--- Happy Birthday Clicker-regardless of all your jumbled parts, we love ya!

Later gators.....

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