Thursday, March 27, 2008

me and my wellies

Okay, depending on where you are in the world, they might be mud boots, five buckles, puddle jumpers or wellies. Around here-wellies. Little thing David picked up overseas. Now they arent' the official Wellington boots-I'll get a pair when we go over in awhile, but wellies they will be regardless of the brand.

Mine seem to have an aura about them. Things happen when I put mine one. They sit on a mat right by the front door. One puppy has chewed up the top in a spot, no biggy as long as they keep the water out. David's, poor soul, has a rip in his by the big toe. Still trying to find something to fix it, but until then they just don't do what they are supposed to do. Or the whole snapping turtle incident-read previous post on that one.

Back to the aura and this also includes two very bad boys in my house. It never ever ceases to amaze me the power of suggestion. Take this morning. The front fence was only temporary and the dogs were really respecting it. Unfortunately the snow plow didn't and it became a casualty of the winter. It's laying on the ground and the dogs either go around or just over it. So I let out the boys-Moose and Turner. For the last two days, they have decided to go exploring now that the snow is almost all melted. The hay field, vineyard area and well, the mailbox.... you get it. So Grandma T has been going out with them as they hang around her and she is more concerned about missing out on a treat then exploring. Not this morning, she wasn't around when I let the boys out so they were on their own.

Brush my teeth, couple other things and then head downstairs to get a newly dry pair of socks. Sidetrack to let the boys in and well, they weren't coming when called. Grumble, grumble and groan after a minute of calling and it's now time to hurry up and get dressed. David was headed back from the barn and I handed him a flashlight - it's only 6 o'clock and still dark. Off he goes calling and swearing and teasing and what not. Off I go to find the rest of my clothes.

Towel lady as I am loving called when just out of the shower, had to find the rest of my clothes, coat and dispose of towel in favor of a stocking cap. Still hear David calling for them. I walk to the door, now I'm grumbling, grumbling and groaning again-where is that pair of undies I laid out last night, etc. You get the picture. All ready to go out in the damp and sort of rain snow stuff coming down, pull on one wellie, wait, here it is, just wait......grab the 2nd and look at the door before I insert my foot all the way in and you got it. David comes in with the boys. He looks down at me and giggles-yeap the aura of the boots. And borrowing a Russism--Moose and Turner look at both of us and say "I don't get it". What's the big fuss all about anyway?

This is not a random occurrence. It never fails. The moment I pull on those boots to go out and do something I would rather not-usually retrieve a dog out of the pasture, the field or the ducks, they sense the vibe coming and book it to where they are supposed to be. Today was just like any other. Meredith giggled along with David-suggestion was that I should have just forgotten about getting dressed and in robe and Towel Lady apparel, pulled on the wellies. Would have saved us all valuable time this morning.

So to all those wellie wearing ladies here and abroad--cherish them. There's something magical about that lovely rubber foot wear.

Later gators.....

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