Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Going Green

Today is Earth Day. Read an article a day or two ago that many of us are celerating Earth Day each day--I think that's very important and a wonderful idea. Around our house we reuse and recycle, alot. We don't have garbage pick up in our rural area, so we have to make runs to the dump at least once a month. David remarked that we have 3 times as much recycling as regular trash each trip. I think that's grand!

I try to composte as much as possible. Poultry is great as a lot of the veggie and fruit waste heads out to their bowls. Have to watch anything meat or eggs in the pile as that attracks some unwanted visitors, specifically coons and skunks. So that goes in a secure pile or unfortunately in the trash.

So here I sit wondering what steps I can take next to help out ol'Mother Earth. Other then offering up lots and lots of horse manure to local gardners, I don't have much to offer, so it's what in my life is waste, what can I improve on and what can I do to help my community?

This summer we are adding some solar panels to the house, installing a couple of solar fans in the attic, rain barrels by the house to use for the garden, and yes I am recyling at work! Heehee, they are replacing two liners in our pool park above ground pools. Heavy vinyl liners and just going in the trash. I caught the guys and said, wait, I can use those. I have a duck pond to line, I can cut it up and line the new whelping boxes with it or on the floor under puppy pens. Amazing what you can reuse instead of throw out.

Planting trees and creating a wind break is another summer project. Adding to the prairie area in the pasture and planting wildlife friendly plants. Using wood mulch from the local arborist, mowing less and at a higher level, using plants that don't require as much water, I could go on and on.

It's not just about thinking green today, but everyday.

Now I have to go off to the first night of 4-H dog obedience classes. Should be fun to see old friends, new faces and the chaos of getting everyone in the right place at the right time. Poor Meredith has a herd of dogs for this year, but again, it should be fun. Let's see if Click can keep all four feet on the ground for a change.

Later gators....

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