Wednesday, April 23, 2008

In a rut

Woke up this morning in a rut, literally. Dog on either side, kid in the bed and I stuck in the damn dip in the bed. I like the current bed, not love it, but like it. Unfortunately there is a small canyon between the two portions-ie, David's side and my side. Every now and then as I flip and flop at night, I work my way to the center. It's usually because Hope has decided she likes my spot(which means her human isn't home so I am the surrogate). Damn black dog, likes to spread out and the king sized bed can only hold so many dogs and people.

Ever feel like your stuck in a rut in life? Job, recreation, nothing ever seems to get finished or last for long before you are right at it again? I've had that feeling for months. Not the job, love it and it's always a challenge. I more thinking about the daily grind, part of it is when you're doing it alone-up early, get ready for work, out to do chores, yell at ShuBug to leave the damn ducks alone, do more chores, now yell at Fred to get out of the damn water puddle, off to work. Come home, run run run run and more running to get kids fed, more chores, more dog issues, throw in classes or meetings for good measure and then the head hits the pillow late that night. Still haven't touched the house-floors are in need of mopping, vacuum the front room, clean the bathroom. See the rut? Maybe spring will help?

David's still in CA so the rut continues. Last week he was home but I wasn't. I think he got stuck in my rut, er, ah, routine maybe. Humm, maybe part of getting out of the rut is changing my thinking of it. Routine? Nah, like the rut theory ;0)

Going to work on getting out of it this weekend. Try a new dog in a new venue, see what kind of clown he makes me look like. Then outside to work on the yard. Mulch to spread, massive search and destroy mission to clean up the remaining winter leftovers and then I am seriously thinking it's time to plant more pansies! On of these days I will get out of the rut, till then, I might need a little push or a shove to roll out of it each morning.

Later gators.....

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