Monday, April 21, 2008

don't wanna come home

I seriously thought about calling my friend's the Loyla's in West Virgina and asking if I could come live with them. Last week I was down in KY for the Cardigan Welsh Corgi National Specialty. The host city was Fort Mitchell, KY and let me tell you, the weather was so perfect, the people were so nice and I was so sick of winter in Iowa. The drive down was kind of like magic. The further we went, the greener and longer the grass was. At one point both Garrett and I took a big deep breath, after passing a guy mowing his lawn. The smell of fresh cut grass was intoxicating to say the least. Forsythia blooming, redbuds ready to pop, yellow daffodils dotting the fields. Heaven, simply heaven.

Now I hear the week didn't start off very well. It was cold and wet at the herding trial, even ending up with hail. Moose and Eddie both tested for their herding instinct certificates. As expected, the blue bear did a "huh" at the sheep-needless to say that didn't qualify for passing. On the other hand, my Moose was the star. Judge's comments were-"finally, a dog that can think" and "wow". He was so into the business at hand that even with hail bouncing off his big head he keep working. Yeah Moose!!!!

Next was rally. Moose and Eddie had road tripped it down to KY a few days before me with the Mumme's. Moose was shown by my dear friend Kerri and did very respectable, considering neither dog nor human had worked together before and were still trying to figure each other out. Hey, he got his RN! Now Eddie, totally different story. He was in love, in love with Sherilyn that is. My understanding of the story was that he wouldn't sit, had a hard time downing, grab a pant leg or two, then batted those baby blues at her and it was all over. She was going to kill him. Photos to follow later on that one. Once again, the cute didn't work and no leg on his rally title.

Megan-a members only fun match for champions. Moose was entered and look marvelous, simply marvelous. Didn't do anything but smile and roll on the floor. Silly boy. Two legged Rus showed him for me and had a blast. I think I lost my dog!

Sweepstakes-again the blue bear looked cute. That's about all he can do it seems. Ferris, his co-owner showed him for us and her comment when she was handed the lead so that she could groom him was-what do I do with it? HA HA-that's an understatement. Connie showed Russ for Kim and I. He got 3rd in his class and made enough money to pay for a good Chinese dinner afterwards. Meredith helped out our good friend Barb and showed one of her girls.

Let's see, in the between times we shared some really good laughs with our good friends from the Midwest. We all chipped together for food, held dogs, commented on clothing, hair styles and someone's handling skills. Oh the jabs were flying on that day. Kim was exhausted, something about can't party with the kids like she used to. The hospitality gals kept the food flowing in the suite. Above all the group we show with is one of the best around. It's more enjoyable when we all have fun and don't worry about winning. Granted that's a bonus, but friendship is even more worthwhile.

So let's see where was I, oh, regular classes. Lyla-Russ' little sister made the cut in her class-Yeah for the little red girl. Eddie and Meredith took 4th in his class-YEAH for the blue bear and cute kid. Then Russ, oh that lovely little puppy with buckets of attitude. He won his class!! Oh was there a ripple of excitement when she pointed at us. I want to thank the judge - Leah James-for giving him the nod. I got so many good comments about him after wards. His mom Kim is the best and has done wonders with our statue puppy. He strutted and puffed his chest. No barking but he did try to grab my skirt once. Now we didn't do anything in Winner's Dog but I can't be happier to have a class win. Pictures coming soon.

Meredith then won her junior's class. Boy I am glad I wasn't in Leah's shoes that day-well not only did she trip a couple of times, but that was by far the hardest class to place.

Oh and Meredith has a new nickname-Lucky Rabbit's Foot. The raffles she won, the gifts she got. Goodness you would think that the kid is spoiled or something-nah not her ;0)

We enjoyed the trip down and back with Garrett. We were able to fill most of 7 1/2 hours down and the same back. Amazing! He even gifted me with a new duck!

Almost forgot-Eddie and Moose got their TDI tests-passed with flying colors. Then Russ did his momma proud and easily passed his CGC test-now he's got titles at both ends.

Whirl wind week, tons of work on my desk to catch up on but I can't wait to go down next year. Watch out Topeka, the Midwest Gang is ready to invade!

Later gators....

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the other (two-legged) Rus said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful Nationals with us. We had so much fun being your roomies and playing with the boys, even if Sherilyn did want to string up Edweirdo. LOL Moosie can come stay with us anytime!

Now to get those other two kids finished......