Friday, April 11, 2008

Grandpa Fred

Posting this for his grandson Russ to look at. Seems the two really like to sleep in this position-scary isn't it? Add in a love of smelly stuff to roll in and thinking they are really water dogs, cut out of the same mold-even the whine is the same.

Fred loves his chairs. Prefers Alec's lazy boy downstairs but in a pinch the chair in the living room works. This truely is his typical sleeping position. The boy just is weird. Alec took several pictures, tickled his toes, rubbed his tummy but nothing roused him, until someone said "I'm going to the barn." Fast as lightening, he was at the door, ready with his Farmer Fred cap on.

Later gators.....



Kim Gibson said...

Russ here. Grandpa, I love to sleep like that too. Oh oh are there smelly things in the barn. Could we roll in them soon?

Grandpa Fred said...

Yes Grandson, there are a beavy of smelly items in the barn-too many to name. What's even more fun is a dip in the creek, a roll in a fresh deposit from the horses and top it off with a slide and roll in the stall that David is in the process of cleaning out! Then it's mouse hunting time and holes to dig.

As soon as your mom let's you, the gate is always open for visitors!