Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Why are fences so important? For years or decades or even milleniums, we put up fences and boundries or in recent years we have upgraded to walls. It's not even phyiscal ones anymore either. We have walls of shame, walls of secrecy and walls of hate. Makes you wonder or at least me wonder what kind of society we have become.

Recently the local radio station that I listen to during the day has been playing over and over again an ad for those underground fences for pets. You listen to the poor people and their sad story about how Fluffy got out the open gate that the gas man accidently left open. The line about "please say hi to my dog when you see him" just about makes me gag. If I had the money I would do a rebuttal ad about taking responsiblity for your animal and no "invisible" fence is going to make any difference. We are such a disposable society and love to push the blame on someone else for what ever happens. No amount of fencing is going to fix that.

What is the saying, good fences make for good neighbors? But we don't put up fences for that reason. We put up fences for defence of what is ours. You crossed the line - get over on your own side. It's the invisible fences in our daily lives that create the bad neighbors. The hysteria over catching a disease or someone's religion or the differences in our cultures.

We leave out on 40 some acres. It goes without saying that we have fences, lots of them. David is contantly building and fixing fences, it's like a ritual for him. Part of the horse pasture has high tension fence. It's nice fence but a pain to maintain. And part of it is falling into the creek. Weekly ritual to go out and wind up more the wire, string more wire and reset posts. So isn't that what we do with our emotional fences? We are in a constant state of repair. Putting up one here, changing the type of fence here or walking the boarder making sure that nothing unwanted gets in. But never taking the time to sit back and realize why we put up that fence in the first place. Out of fear really, fear of being labeled as different, not going with the flow or fear of being the same maybe?

What are your fences? Is it time for a repair or time to tear them down?

Later gators~~

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