Monday, October 22, 2012

The haunting part 2

So, back for more? ‘Cause there is, lots.

I think I left off at the rocking chair?

So once again, I think that house really like picking on Hubby. Rumor has it that the previous tenant’s mother used to sit in a rocking chair all day long and when he went one evening to wake her for dinner she had passed on.

We had two rocking chairs in the house. One is much older than the other, word – is. For some reason, two of the things that did not parish in the house fire were those rocking chairs. I happened to have been given the younger of the two chairs a few years back while the older and heavier one was still at mom and dad’s. Now I do recall many a time walking through the house and seeing the chair just stop moving, like someone had been in it but just got up and left. Or walking past one of them and just feeling like someone was watching me.

Hubby’s sitting I think the smaller of the two chairs(truthfully the more comfortable one.) You remember the tabs, tags, thingys on the back of an oxford dress shirt? Minding his own business, suddenly he was jerked back by that tab in the chair. No one was behind him, around him or maybe not even in the room. Again, I think Momma Ghost had a thing for Hubby.

That leads us up to the fire.

10 years this upcoming February, the entire house went up in flames. Never did know find out the exact cause. Knowing the back story about how it was constructed, most likely electrical and started in the kitchen. Luck had it that Dad was starting back to work that week and was eating breakfast up town. Stewie the cat was at Doc’s getting spayed. All in all, we managed to save a few pieces of furniture, including the rocking chair, some minor little things as well as a print off the wall. If you want the whole story about the print, catch me some day and I’ll give you the details on that one.

After the house was totaled, there were a few things we needed to do. First off, find my mother’s wedding ring which she swore was in the cupboard jar above the sink. The running joke these days is that if it’s missing, it’s in the basement as everything ended up in the basement. Hubby found my dad’s wedding band, a few other assorted rings from that jar, a cast iron pan but no wedding ring. Mom found it in her purse a few weeks later-she was scared to tell David for a few additional weeks.

The oddest thing, considering all that crap that went on in that house over the years, was finding a set of very plain but very nice silver bowls near the old chimney. David went to take them out of the basement, stopped mid stride, called to my mom and asked, where did these come from. We all looked at each other as none of us had ever seen those before. They seemed untouched by the fire. Eerily untouched. Once again, we all looked at each other and told David to return them to where he found, bury them deep and then run the other direction. Mom wanted nothing that wasn’t hers to come out of there and follow them to their new adobe. The basement got filled in and they have no plans to build over it, ever. It’s still weird at times to walk across the foot print of the house. Like something wants come through the soil and go with you where ever you go.

Next up…..bridges and cars….

Later gators... C

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