Monday, October 22, 2012

Plethra of stuff going on-including announcements galore!

Got our "official" email today.  Looks like I've got a handful of dogs that are now eligiable to go to the Eukanuba invitational this year!!! 

Our biggest concentration this past year was on Connor and I am proud to annouce for the Tall Kid that he got an invitation for being in the Top 25 for the breed as well as invited for getting not only his grand last year but also his Silver grandchampionship.  

Now of course I have to scan the lists for the cardigans, which we didn't do much this past year with but....we have Pete making it for finishing her championship completely out of BBE and Charlie made it by doing all but one of his points out of BBE, that stinkin' point out of the puppy classes. 

Of course, not that we are going.  I'd have to glue some appendage back on Charlie to show him and well, Pete is still vacationing in KS plotting her next escapade.  Connor, well, he's slowly retiring and becoming a man of leisure.   I think he enjoys it too much. 

Later gators....

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