Thursday, May 17, 2012


You know you have puppies when they start acting like them!  This morning Hugo, the mismark boy and his counterpart, Hefty the harlequin boy, were attempting blind face fighting.  Nope, no eyes yet but soon!  Lasted all of five seconds then they, along with their blue sister, proceeded to start chewing on Cora's feet.  She looked at me like, what am I, a milkbone?  

Photos tomorrow-spent last night creating a new dog out of the vacuum's dog hair collection process.  Eghads!   Everyone but Pete is blowing coat.  They either roll on the floor, scratch on a chair or just walk past dropping coat as they go.  Hair Bunnies are running rampant and well, the vac is powering through daily duty.

Pete?  Oh she isn't blowing coat, but now smells like a pond.  She and Frank took the Tall Kid to the creek yesterday to hunt for snappers.

Later gators...

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