Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New blog

I happened to run across this blog today and wow!  It's a gal that I have admired for years, taken some classes from and absolutely am thrilled to be able to have some place to read about her training highs and lows with her herding dogs. 

Exercise Finished

If you do a lot of obedience or agility in our area, you have run into Melinda and Phoenix or her other retired dogs-Jamie, Connor or Jessie.  Actually my very first memory of Melinda was way back at my very first show at the Heart of Iowa.  She took High in Trial with one of her dogs and I just stood in awe watching her work her dogs.

She's great, down to earth and very happily admits that there are days- like Marshalltown when we shared our heeling woos, that her dogs are just dogs and time to head back to the basics.

Later gators...

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