Monday, June 22, 2009

A Turner around story

You know how sometimes dogs come into your lives and you don't understand why until much later? I've had a few-Jack, Carly and now Turner.

Turner is a beautiful blue merle smooth collie with the ability to love to no end, and a heart of a chicken. There is no doubt in my mind that had some of the events of his life been different, he would be a totally different dog. Something when he was young and not with me, caused him to doubt, yes I think that is a good word, doubt the trustworthiness of people. It's a shame that he had that happen and it really changed the way I trust people and who I let deal with my dogs. Sad part is it's still happening to other dogs.

Turner doesn't go out a lot unless I can really concentrate on working with him and spend lots of my attention on him. In public he is nervous, but very reliable in obedience. He tolerates the attention he gets but looks at me with a panic in his eyes that says when can we leave---NOW??!! All too typical flight dog. When we have company, he usually ends up in his crate in the bedroom with the door shut, otherwise you have to deal with the pacing and the panic that he thinks someone might touch him. But this weekend was an OMG moment!

As you know, we had dinner up here with our good friends-The Gibsons and Mummes, on Saturday night. Kathy spent some time outside with the dogs and Turner did his usual bark and observe a ten or twenty foot perimeter between him and any person. Well, he was within 5 feet of her all the time-but still had the don't touch me look. So he came inside when the game got a little too much for him-ie, chase the collie, followed by 20 some corgis hot on his tail. AND AND AND......within 5 minutes he was laying down in the middle of everyone. Kim got to pet him, then he got all googly and wanted everyone to scratch his butt. I was about in tears--he had finally decided to trust someone else other then the four of us!!!!! What a milestone for my Turner Burner! He was great all the rest of the evening with everyone in the house. No freak and runs, super pacing or omg moments.
Makes me feel as though time is what he needs and that's what he will get. Hoping that at some point he can find a home of his own, but until then, he's my best bud and making huge strides.

Later gators....


Sherilyn said...

Oh, I know...I was in total shock when he came and cuddled with me and wanted me to love on him! I had to do a double-take to realize which collie I was petting! I hadn't seen him enough up close and personal! What a sweetheart! One of these days he will hopefully have that perfect "forever home" where he can give and get all the love he deserves. Hugs to the big guy!

Cindy said...

He is a very special boy and I love him to pieces. His lack of trust just hurts me. It's not with me or the other three it he house, but with people in general. Mostly it's women, he's more comfortable around men. It was great to see him warm up to everyone this weekend.