Monday, June 22, 2009


Hoping to be able to have more regular installments of this feature but man, it's been busy around here.

For those eager for news, the prisoners caused a jail break on Sunday morning as I was getting ready to go to the Iowa City show. So it's time to release them to general population. I move them to the study, which for those of you that know my house, the south side is an open floor plan, with the door to the back yard on the study end. Lots and lots of noise, dishes and pots banging, blenders, vacuums, doors slamming, dogs barking. You name it, they get exposed to it.

Also by this age, they regulate their body temperature on their own. Which is funny because the a/c vent is right by the xpen. The way the weather has been here, we definately appreciate central air. And so do the pupplets. They tend to lay right by the vent. Smart puppies.

No formal photos this week, so some candids to post. They are also on the website under week 4.

Later gators....



Dawn said...

Love that you named the chubby one Dawn! LOL! They are a very cute litter.

Cindy said...

Actually it's in honor of Dawn Gabig, our photographer. She was involved in the whole breeding, in a funny way. Every call name is in relation to someone or something that helped.

But I did think of you when we decided to call her that--what is Dawn going to think about this???!!!

Dawn said...

LOL, I was just laughing cuz in the photos she looked like the fattest of the bunch! And that is me too, the fattest in the bunch! They are a cute litter Cindy.