Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm grumpy

No this is not a post about the rest of the dwarfs, though I could name names in conjunction with a few people I've had to deal with lately. I swear, it's the weather, the time of year, and well, other people's attitudes that make me feel this way. Could also be that I'm just plain not feeling well? See what the Doc says tomorrow.

As far as other people go, there has been a lot of petty snipping around lately. I just shake me head. Talking to Kim tonight before she went to her obedience class with one of the cardigans, I said-you know, I feel like it's high school again. All the jealously, the back biting and the one ups manship. Not sure if that is really a word, but it works. Seriously folks, grow up or go back to you sand box.

Recently, as noted in a few posts, I've commented about ring etiquette. Dress the part, look like you know what you are doing and train your dogs. Granted I have a certain red dog that is intent on demonstrating his herding capabilities on me in the show ring, but I'm not dragging him around, popping his lead constantly and he actually walks pretty proud in the ring. Not like something is going to eat him-no that's Ace, but he's scared of his own shadow and another story all together. Boy, I think some people need to go back to conformation class. It's still amazing to me to see the ridiculus outfits-come on people, look professional! Not slutty, not like you were just dragged of the sofa or you borrowed Grandma's Sunday Best out of her closet at the nursing home. I guess that's my entertainment for the show weekends. Respect other people in the ring too. Pick up your feet(some exhibitors think shuffling is an art form), quit running up on other dogs, especially puppies and get away from the front of the ring. This weekend we couldn't get cardigans in and out because the beardies where all standing around the stewards table. Add in the akita that tried to knock over a kid and then a few other dogs, as the owner was running it up and down the aisles. Best have it trained before you get there please.

Okay, since, I grumpy, am on a roll, how about our dogs?? First lets start with grooming. I've been observing other breeds lately and well, there are some people out there that have been showing longer then I have been alive. Many of them have grooming down to an art, many are still back in the 70's. For our breed, it's not that big of a deal. Comb out the coat, make sure it's lying flat and not cowlicked from going in a crate damp and laying on it wrong. Our breed doesn't need air dams on the butt either-they don't fly do they? Whites should be white, nails should be trimmed nice and short. And honestly, if you have a dog that has a fault that a little grooming can fix, then do it. I just about died at one show where the judge actually tried to smooth out a butt on a dog that had it's hair standing straight up. It was a good giggle, because it wouldn't go down and the dog looked like it was 10ft taller in the rear then the front.

Oh and let me talk about photos. If it's a big win, get a decent photo-wait for the podium, the back drop and the photographer. I won't take photos on the tables anymore. Most of the time, the tables are too short to put both a cardigan and the photo info box on. A puppy, maybe but not a dog with some age on it. And please people, talk to the photographer, tell him to wait till you are ready. Have someone else along that can point out if you dog is not set up right. That is if they know what a correctly set up dog is ;0) Once again, that photo if posted on blogs or websites, is out there for everyone to see. If it's a bad photo, then even with a nice dog, well, it's going to turn people off. Have someone do a little brushing or combing touch up on the dog too. Take a little joy in your dog and present them as they should be. I have been seeing photos with dogs scrunched up, stretched out, under themselves, leads pulled up so that the hair on the neck is pulled up and forward. OMG, you do know if the photo didn't turn out that you can refuse it or even better, just keep it to yourself?? Almost forgot, smile damnit. I forget at times with all that's going on, but hello, you're in the photo too. Don't look like you just sucked on a lemon. Act at least interested in your dog and not like you would rather be somewhere else.

I'm still not feeling any better. What next? Oh here's one that I haven't touched on in a long time-sportsmanship. I've started doing a big change in the way I handle other people at shows. I go out of my way to congratulate them, regardless of the fact they feel above it to do the same. When looking at dogs, I try not be a fault judge but a virtues judge. I think we can say the same thing about judging people. Always looking at the down side of things, trying to pick out the worst traits and not seeing the good in something is not a way to go through life. Even when beat in the ring, rather then go -I got beat by a dog that's this or that, I go- you know that judge today liked this and this in a dog and doggone it, that dog had it. Even if it beat my dog, there was a reason and I need to respect the judge for that. I might add that I won't pay to show under the judge again, that is unless I have a dog with the traits that they like. But once again, its seems that some people like to play high school drama here and it's the all about me me me show. Ugh when will people ever grow up??

I'm almost done, feeling worse then when I started typing, so best to finish up and hit the hay. I'm honest. I don't hide anything. Like Crazy Annie said-just ask me and I will tell you the truth. So much lying and covering up is going on these days, it's shamefull. I'm not just talking about Wall Street here folks! If you want to know something about me, my dogs or my family, just ask. I won't tell one person one thing, another person another thing and then try to cover up the lies with more lies. Don't go behind my back and spread rumors or make assumptions. You know what assuming does??? Unless you have talked to me, you don't know the real truth and you know why? Because you didn't ask.

So the short and sweet of me being grumpy is that people need to grow up, life has ups and downs, take them as though it's all bad, or look for the good side of the situation. And if you want to say something, say it to my face or ask me for the answer, 'cause I will be more then happy to tell you the truth.

Later gators...