Sunday, March 29, 2009

Show weekend = bad weather

Goodness, if I even seem to think about going to a show this last few months, Mother Nature decides to throw a wrench in it-goodness sakes alive. Prediction at the end of the week was for a major storm-4-8 inches-UGH! Luck had it that it missed the Le Claire area as well as the show site. But we got hit at home with a few inches of heavy wet snow. And amazingly it also drifted.

There are many many stories to tell this weekend. I will post a few but check out cardicorgicapers and Winjammin Waves for more.

I will say at least they had the heaters going to the show site and it was warm and dry in the building. I hate cold shows and wearing skirts. But keeping with my post on show attire, I dress the part, regardless of the temperature.

Friday night at Kim's was chili--good stuff too. Then Sherilyn's mystery cheese cake-ummm. A bottle of CAW and off to bed as it was butt crack of dawn ring times-yuck!

Cold, I hate cold shows. Well and 8am ring times. Handsome Ransom did his best bunny butt wiggle and got a few more points. Cardigans was even more fun though! Alec has been showing "his" Frankie Baby, I'm just glorified kennel help now, yippee. Anyway, it was a good day for Camp Sumjammin! Frankie took his first major by going WD, then BOW. That little red boy is amazing-hitting the end of the lead, moving like a drea. Bear came in a close second with RWD. What that tells you is that the judge is consistent in what he wants.

Drum roll please, as I send BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Winjammin, aka Rus, Sherilyn and Bekka, for Emmy's final major to finish her championship. Always a bridesmaid was the saying with her. She had an amazing 15 major reserves since she started looking for that last major. Unreal and finally, especially since she decided to start blowing coat.

Also a BIG THANK YOU to Bekka for going in the ring the very first time on a novice puppy named Dove. Meredith wasn't at the show on Saturday to show her dog so we recruited her to show Dovey. They looked awesome together and I do believe a new handler has been born.

After the show we hung around for some pie and dinner at the lunch room-umm, always good pie. Then back to Camp Gibson for some excellent conversation and great food. It was one of the best evenings so far with a table full of friends, plus some good wine ;0) I wish we didn't have to show the next day but that we did. The snow had stopped, the dogs got one last romp in Kim's newly fenced in yard and off to bed. Morning came too early, though Nick and Meredith went to bed much earlier then the adults.

Sunday we awoke to cold weather, 2 inches or so of snow/slush/ ice. It made for a slow trip to the show site. By mid day it was mud and muck. OMG, carring dogs was just so much fun. Alec helped Rebecca with her collies as they ferried them back and forth. He got his work out.

We got all the dogs ready and headed to the show ring. Bear was RWD, Connie's goofy boy Levi took WD. Frankie was the odd red dog out there-some judges just can't do that color and we know it. But the best part was the bitches----Meredith got to take her Dovey in and WOW--thanks to Bekka's work the day before, Dove was just on target. She moved great, and behaved well. Well enough to take WB and BOW for her first major!!!! It was pretty tough out there too. That's great strides for a kid who's had some bad luck since the accident and her puppy who spent the better part of four months on crate rest due to a soft tissue injury in her shoulder. Can't wait for the picture. We all crowded in on that one, with a beaming Meredith in front.

Then comes the task of packing and doing it in the cold mud. Kim's burb got loaded with extra stuff she's taking for us to the National Specialty and then we crammed the rest in ours. Thankfully, we left home with an extra dog and didn't come back with any more. We were able to get a breeding on Boo to Shoobug this weekend, thanks to Connie and her yellow cup. I seriously think that the whole weekend relating to this breeding, had some great stories come out of it, but they might be a little racy for this blog. Alec and Sherilyn turn several shades of red when you just mention it. Hoping it takes and we can expect little Shoo/Boo babies the end of May. If not, we'll try it again in the fall.

Back home - lots of snow. Little odd, but that's okay. Dogs went right out and rolled and sloshed through the slush. They earned it and I don't need to worry about keeping anyone clean for a while. So it ended with three majors on our group of dogs, one new Champion and some great memories. Now, time to do some laundry so I have clean undies to wear for tomorrow...

Later gators....


coopercreek said...

Congrats on a great weekend. Can't wait to see everyone in 2 weeks.

Dawn said...

Sounds like a super weekend, in spite of the weather. Congrats to all of the winners, but speical woohoo for Meredith. How ecited she must have been, wish I had been there to see it and cheer!

penni said...

Many congratulations -- what a super weekend. . . . and the pie was good? Just forget the weather.