Sunday, December 21, 2008

What I won't do for a present

OMG OMG OMG It's just plan cold, as in hell froze over cold. OMG

Got that out of my system. I can't believe the wind out here. Howling and the snow hurts when it hits your face. Now I will say it's not worse then the summer storms, had 60-70 mph winds, but the intensity of the cold is what gets you. We had blizzard warnings out for yesterday and today. Now it's wind chill warnings-dangerous ones at that. Moo is cold and sharing a stall with Laredo. Both have blankets on and then Torey is getting his tonight as well as his shipping boots on. Strange horse, his legs get cold, so we use the heavy duty ones with hock extensions. Once he has those on he's fine. Clydes are perfectly comfortable in this weather and Ms Phoenix, who thinks she's one of the big horses, just huddles in the middle of them. High tomorrow is predicted to be -9. Yes that is the high and what a way to welcome the first day of winter.

Happy Birthday Dad!!!! You're present is stuck at home with me in the drifts.

So it's cold, blowing and what do we do today? Drive to Amana. Can't keep us hardy Iowans down long. Met Rus, Sherilyn and Bekka at my favorite place-the Brick Haus. Great food-lots of it, great conversation-even more of that and just a wonderful time spent in a warmish(it was really cold to start) place. Here's what it looked like on the way down....

But it was awell worth it. Here's my Christmas present!!!

Right now she's taking on the red boys, chasing Ace and sucking up to Mamma Marg, who, super surprisingly enough, loves her.

We stopped on the way home to take a look at the 'beezer hound puppies. Alec had been stranded in town last night so he meet us over at Alisa's work where we evaluated them a little. He's still stranded in town as I called him on the way home and said his little grand am wouldn't make it past the first drift on Lillie. We almost didn't make it either , but trusty big truck with 4WD. Now you have to be stupid to drive anything less if you live in the county in Iowa. It's either mud in the spring and summer or snow in the winter. Those little all wheel drive mini vans are just asking to get stuck. Even with the neighbor's out here plowing to get from farm to farm and take care of their livestock, it's no place for weenies. So the road is shut tight, which of course means snow day for David tomorrow. Gotta wait for a plow or neighbor to break them open now.
Hope everyone stays warm and safe. Doggies here wish for spring or at least a snow day where they can play outside without getting their paws froze off. More photos of the newest member of the chaos crew tomorrow.

Later gators.....


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Oh my goodness isn't she the sweetest thing. Congrats on the new addition.

Sorry about being snowed in!

Anonymous said...

Oh, she's so cute. Can't wait to learn more about her.

Sherilyn said...

Hmmmm...what a sweetheart! Her sisters and brother are missing her already, but, when we got home, the "pen" wasn't nearly as messy as it had been! Now we know who the REAL ringleader of the chaos crew around here was!! It was little "Lolo"!! All this time we'd been blaming poor Cristal! ;) hehe

So glad she's fitting in with your crew...I couldn't think of a better home for our one of our first pick puppies out of our first home bred litter. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas to all! :)

Thanks for the wonderful day today! Great food, even better company...can't wait for show season to start back up for all of us!


Rus, Sherilyn & Bekka

coopercreek said...

Oh, so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the newest addition!

Traci said...

what's her name, what's her name!?! :) She's super cute :)

Holly said...

She is precious!! Stay warm & safe!