Monday, December 22, 2008

2 days left to shop

And man did I do my share this afternoon!

We were drifted in until the neighbor came by with his tractor but it still wasn't pretty. The county came by later and did a little better but I don't think they tried too hard-predicting another 3-6 inches tonight and tomorrow. Praying for no wind this time around. The ditches are full which means it will drift shut even faster.

But with shopping to finish, David and I hit the road. Traffic wasn't all that bad, stores were busy but tolerable and we got all the major stuff done, now it's time to wrap and I have to get one last thing for David now.

Merlot, aka the newest member of the chaos crew, is fitting in just fine. Total puppy and with three other teenage puppies in the house, well, it just makes for fast foot work and lots of NO's shouted around. She has become fast friends with da'red boys, now if I can get Frank to stop humping her. He's got a case of the hormones going on with girls in season, just coming out of season and getting ready to go in season. Right now a well aimed squirt bottle does the trick. She's taken to hoarding bones and toys behind and under the couch, then attacking the leg that comes too close. Torch is her favorite source of entertainment as she loves to jump out and bite his tush as he runs by.

The collies just walk right over the top of her, lots of tripping happening and it's funny to see a collie fall on it's face and a puppy run for cover. Eddie is very protective and I keep telling him not to piss her off, he might need to woo her later in life. Tango feels it's her duty to inform any newcomers that she's in charge, all four pounds of her. Didn't work too well, Merlot thinks she's a oversized squeaky toy and takes every opportunity to torment the poor little dog. But her biggest thrill is harassing the griffs, especially Ace. OMG, he's just her size and runs so fast, it's constant entertainment.

Our only issue is that she's just a little too big to get out from under the couch, once she gets under it. Have to rescue her when the distress barks happen. Meredith loves her to pieces and as usual with any puppies in this house, have to keep reminding everyone, she has four feet and can use them very well---put down the puppy!!!

So with a reference to the former blog and the whole Indiana Jones and the floor is moving quote--Puppies, why did it have to be puppies??? I sign off and attempt to wade through the kitchen to finish up my Christmas sewing projects-four left to do, no wait, that's 9-I went to the fabric store today-OOPS.

Remember, 2 shopping days left!!!

Later gators.....


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Oh that's just great that she is settling in so nicely. Ah yes, hoarding toys---hmmmmm do I know any puppies who do that? Right--Russ!

Sherilyn said...

Yes, so glad to hear she's getting along with da'red boys, and that Eddie loves her. :) It's a little quieter here, but not much! Port is still mouthing off in the kitchen, have to see when Christie is coming by to pick up her boy, then we're down to 3. Still looking for 2 pet homes for the other 2 girls.

Have a very Merry Christmas...still not sure if we'll be able to make the trip to Missouri on Christmas Eve Day or not. They're cussing at us again with that 4 letter "S" word and the 3 letter "I" word. Yuck!

Everyone stay safe!

Hugs to all!