Friday, September 18, 2015

The Backfire Effect

We all hate change.  Don't argue with me that you love it when your life suddenly changes and you are thrown into the black pit of what to now! This said as I stare at my accounting software and go what the fffffff??  We did a software upgrade yesterday and it's not going well.

I've been reading in some of my Facebook groups where someone presents an opinion as a truth, though through research and studies, they are proven wrong and yet the original poster is so set in their ways that they still stand by their post.  I see it more in the teenagers and younger adults than those of us oldies.   I'm willing to hear out your reasoning, prove it to me and honestly, I'm good at changing my mind for the better.  But seeing the way our younger generation reacts is unreal to me.   I mean where are the manners?  Where are is the reasoning?   What are we raising?

It's called the back fire effect.   Here's a good read on it.

The Backfire Effect

I think that the best part of it resonates with what I said about this attitude being more prevalent in our youth, because it shows that you aren't that smart after all.

Now don't get me wrong, there are some awesome kids out there with great heads on their shoulders. I commend those parents for raising children that do question, that do research, that don't always take the word of their idols as fact and truth over anything else.  Those kids are the ones I want running our government, choosing my nursing home and well, willing to engage in a well thought out conversation where they can and do have the ability to change.

Goodness knows I'm not perfect and yes, I'm stuck in my ways.  But present me with logic, research and facts, I'm willing to sit down and reconsider.    But honestly folks, I learned at a very young age to agree to disagree but always have an open mind.  And to listen and respect your elders.  Man that's another topic I don't even want to get started on.

Just sayin'....


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