Monday, September 21, 2015

Observations from a tired parent

So this weekend was all about the kids.  At this point, it's the youngest one who still is in school.  And I'm exhausted.  It's tiring being an involved parent.

Saturday we, okay, I spent the day at the Armed Forces Reserve Center while Muff did her pt/future soldier training.  It really was a great day learning about what they will be going through in boot camp, what to expect out of the armed forces and what opportunities are ahead of them.  Dad gets to go next month as he was manning the vet visits and arena dragging.  

We watched them do various tasks such as litter carries, gas masks, simulated weapons firing(cool simulator too), lift, throw and carry huge telephone poles.  We all got served lunch, yep, MRE's.  The history, the taste, the bartering between people for goodies.

Seriously, it was a blast.   I did a lot of sitting, but I learned so much and Muff at the end of the day was still smiling and ready for the next month's challenge.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.   The rain earlier in the week had everyone on edge.   Seriously.  But thanks to Dad, the show went pretty darn perfectly.   He dragged the arena on Saturday and again on Sunday.  Just one little muddy spot that we had to avoid.   Horses washed, clipped, blankets on.  Rio and his trailer loading issues-it's getting faster, he's just stubborn.

I sort of lost a little bet with the kid and that meant I rode!   Not too bad.  Decent placing in english walk trot.  Extremely respectable placing in english equitation(one of my favorite classes) and we gamed it a little.   Too much fun!  Torey and I are getting in our groove, heck we won the Jumping Figure 8, the one class I figured the jerk would forget where he rear feet were.  

It was totally enjoyable being around like minded people, having fun, joking.  Small show, but big on heart.

I think the most memorable part of the weekend is seeing the parents actively involved.  We not only offered logistics, ie, getting the horse to the show, but set a great example of how to be a horse person.  Riding with the kids, sometimes getting beat by them!  Giving tips, joking around and once again, showing them what we expect of them.

What I don't get, and no offense meant, is the parent who doesn't play the part.   Granted it's hard for me to get into running a mile on ruined knees, or forcing myself to do sit ups, pull ups or push ups, but darn it I'm going to try.   What gets me is the pony parents, but I know you see them in every sport-the drop them off, go sit and read a book parents.   For me it's the ones walking around the horses, trying to avoid the "piles" in their flip flops and tanks tops.  Seriously, what type of roll model are you for your children?  You demand a helmet when your kid rides, but let them sit under the horse to clip?   You don't stress the safety on a day to day basis because you don't know, so figure it out!  If the kid sees you in flip flops and swim tops, what makes them remember about boots and well fitting protective clothing?

I'm vested in my child.  Such that I make every attempt to provide a good roll model, actively participate in their activities and cheer, cry, sweat and encourage.  I don't do a task for them just because I do it better, how will they learn and perfect?   My job as a parent is not just to give them an activity to keep them quiet, but to get them involved in something that we can do together.   That's why I'm on the kennel club board, why I am a committee leader/volunteer for 4-H, extension council, fair board, saddle club, etc.  

I know a lot of parents can't, but it's the ones in their chair sitting their lawn chairs, reading the book, thumbing on their phone, or just plain sitting in their truck doing work.  Sorry if you're overloaded but seriously, your kid values more than your money at these events.

Off my soap box once again,

Just sayin.....


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