Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I'm thinking I need a dog named Karma.  I'll stop right there as this post could go south so quickly.

This weekend marked our return to the adventure known as trail riding.  The girls aka the hormone squad, headed up to Matsell's Bridge for a short ride with the CPSC.  Never been there, planning on going back soon though!  It was fun.  Enjoyable area, lovely trails and fun conversation.  The hormone squad got a good work out.  Mares involved were Sketch, Laredo and the super duper LadyBug.  

Let me tell you, that darn Ladybug is a heck of a pony.  Never been out on a trail.  Never been much of anywhere.  Ended up out in front, lead most of the way and was quite the trooper through it all.   She's so much fun.   Laredo, whom everyone said the last time she was rode, was her typical broncy witch self.  Not sure what horse they were riding but the one I was on, was an angel.  Then there's Sketch.  She is a sweet heart but notice to all, don't ride up on her.   She's got a mean kick when a strange nose goes in her butt.

Enjoyable and both the girls had fun.  So those empty spots on the calendar are being filled in with side trips on the trails.

Speaking of empty spots-there are really none.  Unless it rains and some days I do the rain dance all day long.  This week?  Let's see-armed forces year end meeting, then a riding lesson, then PEO presentation and a  youth council meeting. Tuesday, dog class, Wednesday, horse clinic, Thursday, go look at a pony and a FFA alumni meeting, Friday......

Last night the Muffinator got in the van and drove to her meeting on her own.  I can't let that happen again....she comes home with things.  Things like little black kittens called Oscar.  Karma...just you wait.  not that it's not a great addition to the menagerie but the kid's allergic to cats....and it's living in her room for now.

It's cold, I'm tired already and it's just Tuesday.   June isn't here yet either.

Later gators....

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