Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Fences make the best neighbors....

except when a certain ladybug figures out the creek fence.  Sigh.

Last night was the "let's run around loose" event.

Pulled in the driveway and who is there to greet us but Bug.  Easy peasy, walk to the side paddock gate, open, she walks in and is on the correct side of the fence now.

Turn and hum, why is there a flock of ducks and geese in the pasture? Yep, some bird has developed  opposable thumbs and can undo the gate wire.

Milling around under the horses feet now, herding them back in and Frank(rouen hen) and Ethel (runner drake) are missing.

Down to the creek and they look at us like, what?  Move along, nothing to see here, of course we aren't supposed to be here.

Herd them back up, Frank voicing her opinion the entire way.

Walk in the house....wait for it.....

One of Muff's d'uccle chicks is wandering around the study....with a granny dog watching intently.  Luck the little bugger wasn't a snack.

Today-poultry gate shut tight.  Checked for thumbs and didn't see any, wondering now which chicken was in on the jail break?

Bug and Moo, securely placed in front yard paddock-only thing they can do is eat grass and maybe scoop some poo-ha.

Chicks-top on brooder box.

I dread coming home tonight.

Later gators,

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