Friday, May 8, 2015

Food for thought on a Friday....

I've been wandering around the net, looking at horse and riders, dogs and handlers, how things are meshing, youtube videos comparing horses, learning some new techniques on webseminars with the dogs.

One of the things that I ran across was videos showing a rider on several different horses.  The most interesting was watching the progression of the horses and the quirks they all picked up in the end.  The rider didn't get it.  Excuses were made about the horse, but no change in how the rider rode or trained.  Same problem, different horses, same rider, hum?

I refer back to my dog kids.  I always tell them, don't make excuses for your dog, it's not their fault because you either did or didn't offer the right command, rewarded too early or late, or just plan ignored what your dog was telling you.  Always, always, go back to the handler and ask yourself, what have I been doing that elicits that reaction?

We are our dogs, and horses, best friends and worst enemies.

When I first started really riding competition horses, I had huge dreams.  Hours and hours spent riding in a circle, perfecting this and that.  My horse's trainer at the time really liked how we progressed, but he also said, when did you stop enjoying your horse?  Huh?   I thought I did enjoy my horse, but I found I enjoyed the process and had forgotten the beast under my saddle.  So we made a point of having a fun day every so often.  No circles, no reins jerks, spurs off.  We'd go out and just ride-trails, roads, what ever came about.  We stood in the creek.  Raced on the flats.  Splattered mud up on our legs(yes both of ours).

When we returned to the circles, I was relaxed, refreshed and so was my horse.  My horse didn't have grumpy ears, choppy gaits, switching tails or a hollow back and I had to use my extra aids-spurs, reins and legs, less and less.  My horse was more responsive because I wasenjoying my horse more than the process.

So many times we feel like we have to fix things, when in reality, we need to adapt more to the situation.  It's not broke, maybe we are?

I'm going to print out this pyramid to keep in the barn.

Well here's to a great weekend!   It's monsoon season here.  The yard is ten feet tall, no riding because everything is slippery but hey, the poultry is happy.....lots of earth worms to eat!

Later gators...

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