Wednesday, July 9, 2014

And it's in the books!

Another fair week has come and gone.  At the wrap up bbq, a few days late and more on the late part later, it was commented that it's not really 6 days but more like two weeks.  All the prep work going into the fair is started months previously with more and more activity the closer we get. 

So fair week started with a relocation of the horse show.  Yeap, we had a super wet arena, again.   Muff had fun, Torey looked great, some nice placements and well, she fell off once when she lost her stirrup and then the saddle slipped.   Got back on and tried to finish the class but the saddle was wonky.  She wandered around with a headache for three days then bragged about it.  Silly girl. 

Next was static exhibits.   She had a blast and got great critiques on her projects.  Her fairy garden was a hit with everyone but she needed more detailed info on the creation of it, could have been considered for state fair if she had done that.   Her self portrait from drawing class did receive a state fair consideration!   She knows what to do differently next year and will be collecting projects throughout the year to take. 

Let's show.   The weather was perfect.  The kids were perfect.  The dogs made us laugh.   Muff was the grand champion advanced showmanship winner with Ms Red.   Next up was Kevin and despite licking the steward's leg on the figure 8, had a 192! in prenovice, winning the class and also winning HIT regular class!!!   Agility, well, leave it to Kevin to do a unique take on the chute which cost him just enough points to get 2nd in the class.   It was a fun day and I have the pictures to prove it.

Let's see, a day off, then poultry set up and POULTRY SHOW!!!!

Geese were pissy, got loose once.  Sparkles didn't really sparkle, she was very dingy.  But some really good placements with Muff's buff brahma bantam rooster winning his class.  Her ancona duck was reserve in his breed and so was her mille fleur bantam pullet.   All blue ribbons including the geese which were champion goose and best male goose at the show.  Oh her penciled indian runner was champion light duck.   Long day, lots of neat birds and the kids had a blast.

And that was fair....then it stormed.  And stormed.  AND STORMED.

Monday was supposed to be the horse game show but again, wet arena.  Cancelled.  Then the storm came in.  Tornados, derico winds and damage.  We lost power for about 6 hours, basement flooded.  Friends lost their house and another their barn.  A week and half later, still tons of trees laying all over.   And that would be why the wrap up bbq was Thursday instead of Monday.  

We had fun, Muff smiled a lot and now it's the lull before the storm...Wyoming Poultry show this weekend.  Dog shows start up again.  State fair looming and then there's Labor Day.   AHAHAHAHAH

Later gators....


penni said...

I read -- and then I look longingly at the couch because I need a nap. Congratulations on all the great presentations.

Anonymous said...

it was not my head that hurt it was my neck get it fight mom

Anonymous said...

sorry right not fight