Thursday, May 15, 2014


I was in need of a change, figured blogger is the best place to start.   Are you feeling the green?

Okay, so I've been horrible as many have pointed out, about keeping up on the blog.  I'm going to try and commit to at least once a week sitting down and writing about the goings-ons here as well as you all know, voicing my own personal opinion on the world as I know it. 

Today?  It's May.  It's like 50 degrees out, raining and supposed to be cold tonight.  Really?  The pullets and creepy meats need to get out of their pens, shut off the heat lamps and eat some green grass.  The stall is needed for pending clydesdale baby and I would like one month with a small feed and electric bill!  Mother Nature, are you serious about global warming?

The current chaos crew is being lead by none other than Kevin.  That super cute puppy a few blog posts down is now a teenager and going to be the death of me. With his gang of heathens also known as a lovely treeing walker coonhound puppy, 'Red', his father who is supposed to be supervising, and his niece and nephew, 'Monroe and Morty', he's removing all the wiring from the car trailer, digging holes under the fence and causing random mahem. 

I give up.  New poultry building needs to be sided.  Fences up around those perennials that I want to keep alive and now to remove as many snapping turtles as we can from the creek.  

Deep breath.   May is 1/2 way over, June with shows and fairs is coming.  Is it bad when I say that I can't wait for July to be here?

Just sayin'....

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