Monday, January 20, 2014

The "I" litter take 2, has arrived!

Well not with out a little drama on Pete's part, the "I" litter, take 2, arrived on January 17th.  4 puppies, all black and white(oh boy was Alec unhappy).  1 girl, 3 boys.  No mismarks, fat, very fat and sassy already.  Pete's doing an awesome job, almost too good as it's hard to get her to leave them to eat or go outside.  More pictures to come.

Now for my public service announcement.  I've had a lot of people ask about these puppies.  Most important thing is that you won't get on any waiting list or even be considered for any placement of any of my dogs-retired, puppies, etc, until you fill out and return my questionnaire.  Then I'll check it out and then maybe your name gets added to a waiting list.
Even if you are on the waiting list, that's not a guarantee and nor do I ever guarantee I have anything available for anyone on the list.   If you are specific about what you want:  color, size, sex, markings, etc, it keeps moving you further and further down the list.
Once we do structural and temperament evaluations at 7-8 weeks, then I'll make decisions on what is available to who.

So, don't even think that I'll remember who you are if you send me a one line email-do you have any puppies available--and you never send the questionnaire back.  Nope, nada, ain't gonna happen.

Later gators...

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