Thursday, November 1, 2012

I swear, I tried

But I just can't do it.  We decorated the office, the Ms and I got out the funny candle holders, the ghosts, the pumpkins.  But in all honesty, Halloween is just not one of my holidays.  Now granted I do like the occasional scary movie, the stories about hauntings and such, but the commericalism of it all, I'm over it.

Seeing grownups dressing up, acting stupid, that happens every weekend.  The date just gives them a midweek excuse. 

The Ms commented that a few of her high school friends were planning on dressing up and going out treating.  She looked at them and said why?  But of course, to get candy!  She said first off you're way too old for this and 2nd, go out and buy your candy, you do anyway. 

I also get a little depressed this time of the year as we skip to Halloween in August, miss Thanksgiving as Walmart already has their Christmas stuff up the first of October.   Less daylight, mixedup holidays and skewed priorities. 

Yes I did enjoy this holiday when my kids were little.  I made costumes, took them to events and had fun.  We annually do the K9Ambassadors at the Hitaga Trail, but that's all I can muster. 

Sigh, when did I turn into an old lady?   Sensible shoes, warm cardigan sweaters at night, staying home instead of going out to the clubs or bars.  Could be that I have a great 20 + year relationship with a great guy, 3 great kids and a home I want to come home to each night.

I don't know anymore, wake me when I have to baste the turkey and NO Christmas until I have throughly enjoyed Thanksgiving.

Later gators....


Peter B. said...

I had a bit of fun bike commuting on the trails coming home after dark. Took my 1920 pattern bicycle, with flickering kerosine lamp illumination.

Passed a few walkers, silently in the darkness. hopefully got their hair standing up a bit.

However- It was already after the evening trail run that I realized that I could refashion the extra glowstick-bracelets I had into glowstick dog collars- and that such collars dissappear into thick samoyed/mix fur, illuminating the entire cape/mane of the white-dogs from within with a ghostly light.

I still have a bunch of these glowsticks though, so Baskerville Sled-dogs haunting the bowman trail will be occuring shortly.

-Peter B.

Cindy said...

Oh I can't wait for sights of the glostly hounds!

Liz said...

I feel the same way about Halloween. Our trick or treaters seemed so OLD last night, and in spite of the cold we saw quite a few super short skirts and hootchy costumes. Last week I noticed both Kohl's and my grocery store were completely decked out for Christmas already. And today Starbucks unveiled their Christmas cups. It's impossible to find pretty things for your Thanskgiving table if you wait until now. I'm staying out of the stores until the end of the month!