Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mixed up Monday

It's Tuesday, I know.  Just so many little piddly things in this post, that the name is apt.

So where to start?   Last few shows of the year are coming up.  We rarely go more then 5 hours - just too many closer shows to go to that don't cost that much in gas.  But there are times that you have to go out of your comfort zone and hit something outside the box.  How can you honestly say you have a great dog that you are showing, when all your points come off the bitches or you are always showing against the same dogs?   So off we go, plus it's an excuse to take the Mystery Machine out for it's maiden voyage.

The Mystery Machine?  Yeap, the Big Tow is no longer.  No not totalled, traded in for the new-to-us van.  Older dodge ram, only 9 passenger(we wanted a 15).  Mint condition, will get a few tweaks and upgrades.  But now we have room for all those damn big dogs the Tall Kid is showing these days.  AND...it's already been told it's going to go on a road trip to AZ next spring.  And we have room to spare too!!  Shame though, Tall Kid wouldn't let us really break it by allowing Hubby to load it up with chickens.

Which, segway, the 22 roos are now waiting to be picked up and placed in the freezer!  It's much quieter in the poultry yard and hoping less expensive.  The Ms still has some runner ducks and anconas available, I'd like the feed bill to be even less expensive this winter!

And what next--oh, that red brindle little temptress living in KS-still not in season.  She seems to enjoy it down there, but news flash, she better come in soon or I might really disown her!  

And another segway, this has been bothering me when it really shouldn't.  Just a comment made by the wayside about puppy lists.  So many of us get inquires on a weekly basis-litters, puppies available etc.  I ask for them all to fill out and return the questionnaire I email them.  Yes it's on the website, but I prefer to have a person contact me, talk with them, then give them the questionnaire.  When it's returned, references checked, then their name goes on the list.  If you have preferences it's noted but it's also noted when we talk that you won't get to pick your pup based on your preference-say a blue girl or a brindle male, we evaluate and such to provide you with a pup that personality wise that matches your family, etc.   Sex, color and coat are lower down on that list.   BUT the one thing that really irrates me?   Thinking just because you came up to me and I know you, that it automatically puts you up high on the list and that I'm going to bend over backwards to get you a dog and I'm going to make all the effort to keep in contact with you?  Get a life.  If you want one of my dogs, you make the effort to keep in touch, you make the effort and do the research on the dogs, ask me questions, email me for answers, ask how the pups are doing all through out the whelp and weeks following.  That shows me your commitment and shows me that you are really invested in getting a pup from me.  Not just getting on every breeders list and hoping for the first available.  So there, and this from cleaning out files this weekend and having about two dozen questionnaires that came to me and that was it, no further communication.  Your name just got added to the list that says-don't take them seriously. 

And with that mix up of things, praying that those on the east coast are all safe and that the clean up is easy and painless.  Check in if you can--hate worrying about you!

Later gators...

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